New Year’s Eve Nail Art

I’m still not done posting Christmas stuff, but given today is New Year’s Eve, I put a picture of how I polished my nails on my Facebook page yesterday and got so many compliments! Since it was pretty simple, I figured I’d post a tutorial for ya’ll 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need: Your favorite base coat and/or top coat, a light tann-ish pink color (The color I used was OPI’s Canberra’t Without You), champagne (or gold) colored sparkles (I purchased mine from Michaels in the scrapbook department), and drying drops/spray.NewYearNails1

Start by wiping your nails with polish remover. Even if you don’t have any polish on, this get’s rid of any dirt or oils on your nails that can prevent the polish from drying! Now for the fun part!! You want to do EACH nail at a time, that way the polish doesn’t dry before you can put the glitter on. Immediately after applying the second color coat, tap the glitter container gently, using the opening with the holes to get more control over how much comes out. Once the polish has dried a few minutes (about the amount of time it takes to finish the next nail), tap the sparkles down to compact them into the polish. They won’t lay completely flat, but just enough so they won’t fall off or scratch you.NewYearNails2

Once all your nails are done, put your top coat on, and apply the drying drops (my favorite thing in the whole wide world–I won’t polish without them!). I love the way the nails look like a glass of champagne with bubbles floating to the top!! (P.S.–If you don’t have much time to let them dry, skip the base and top coat. They will be bone dry within 20 minutes! Of course, don’t leave the polish on too long, or it will turn your nails yellow! P.P.S–Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year, and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! 🙂NewYearNails3

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Until tomorrow!!


9 responses to “New Year’s Eve Nail Art

  1. I’m so in love with your nails. I don’t know why, but I’m naturally attracted to anything shining! It’s the little girl (who’s wearing a pretty pink tutu) in me. LOL I can’t wait to try this on my nails. I just need to find a nude-y pink that matches my skin tone and glitter. OH…also an event to go to, so I can show off my nails. LOL

    • Oh you SO don’t need an event to do your nails!!! The little girl in the pink tutu definitely should have told you that! Lol sometimes you just wanna feel pretty and doing your nails is a fast and easy way to do so! 🙂

      • HAHA. So true! Although I do want to show off my nails to someone! I guess that’s why we have best friends for that.

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