This Year’s Christmas Card

I saw this adorable picture on Pinterest a few months back, and KNEW that my husband and I had to do it for our card this year. I wanted to take it at the park that my husband and I have had many picnics, and took our engagement and anniversary pictures. I LOVE the way ours came out!! And I’ve had so many compliments (as well as brother-in-laws wisecracks that we ignored, because we know they’re just JEALOUS! lol) on how cute they were. As cute as they were, I think my favorite part about them was the story behind taking the picture….there’s always a story, right?!

First, here’s the picture:xmascard2

Cute right?? Don’t we look so comfortable, and doesn’t it seem like this was the easiest thing EVER to get?! ……..not so much haha!

It started with my poor sister (who took the picture for us) having to stay late at school because as she was finishing up her English final, the computer FROZE. I felt soooo bad, and obviously I know it wasn’t her fault, but because of this, she wasn’t able to get to our house until after 4. It usually starts getting dark around 4. So…without sun, no picture!!! And after spending an hour doing my hair and make-up, there was no way I wasn’t getting this picture taken! lol

So as soon as she got here, we left, and luckily the park is less than 5 minutes away. Now, Roscoe loves this park….and because it’s been too cold, we hadn’t gone for a while, so he was going crazy and running around. Also, there must have been a million geese there the day before, because there was poop everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! We had to be so careful where we walked. Finally, we get to our spot, and as Keith and I hold up the banner, we realize the wind is blowing the letters all over the place…meaning you won’t be able to read what it says!! By now, I was getting nervous. I didn’t do all this for nothing!!

So now I have Roscoe running around trying to eat all the poop he can, the wind blowing around our sign, the sun setting by the second, and now my sister tells me that my camera battery is DYING! C’mon, universe!!! What did I do to you?! We just wanted to get as many pictures as possible, so we had to stay in this position until the sign was straight so she could snap a picture. This was hard, considering Roscoe was running around like a crazy dog, so I would try to call him, still smiling of course, and my husband would keep moving his head and looking up trying to get Roscoe to come back. That was it….the last straw. I don’t think I’ve ever cursed as much as I did this day!! LOL! There I am screaming at Roscoe, trying to get him to sit in between us, and at then my husband to “keep kissing my #*%$ing cheek, and hold the banner up correctly so we can get this over with already”! Of course as frustrated as I was, I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony!

Finally, my battery dies, and we go back to my house to look at what we got. How can there be a picture where Roscoe’s looking straight, the banner is even, AND we have light so you could actually see it all!?!? Let me tell you….the FIRST shot we got was the one we chose. It was perfect! I don’t know how, but it was. And I was a very, happy girl that night. And of course, after it was all over with, we were able to laugh at it all!

I fixed the picture up a bit on PicMonkey (I actually needed to add some ears on Roscoe because they were completely back and looked like he was ear-less! lol), got them printed out, rounded the corners, stamped the inside of the cards, and of course added my yearly recipe card (that you can get HERE for next year!), and they were all done! 🙂 I love the way they came out, and I love Pinterest for the inspiration!xmascard2

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Until tomorrow!!


5 responses to “This Year’s Christmas Card

  1. I stumbled upon your blog in the WP reader – glad I did, this is so stinkin cute! I might recycle your idea for next year… my husband and I have 3 dogs ourselves but I’m not sure as well behaved as your pup 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it 🙂 Just a tip: have a treat for them and something to make them look at the camera! Out of about 15 pictures, this was probably one of 3 that he was actually looking at the camera!

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