DIY Popsicle Stick Flowers


I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! Mine was very nice, but also cut short because I had to wake up at 4am for work the next day 😦 I know I don’t usually post on work days, but since I haven’t posted in so long (and have missed you guys!!) I figured I’d put this up today! For Christmas eve this year, my husband and I–and of course Roscoe!!–went over to my sister’s boyfriends house. His mom follows my blog and knows how crafty I am, so she handed me some wooden popsicle sticks (the ones that come with Italian ices) and said “I know you’d be able to do something with these!”. We all laughed…but my brain was already thinking of things I could make! I just love a good challenge!! 🙂 I know it seems so obvious to do flowers because of the shape (btw–you can get these sticks from Michaels), but it’s what you do with the flowers that matters!! I always have at least one of these plain wooden frames lying around the house, so I painted some stripes on it, and of course used a cute picture of Roscoe lol.

I used a hot glue gun (probably my favorite tool everrrr!) to glue the sticks together like so:popflower1

My cousin gave me these really pretty Swarovski crystal buttons a few years ago (I love when people pawn things off on me, I always find a good use for them! 🙂 ) and I thought they’d look really pretty in the centers. You could really use anything you’d like though; buttons, cabochons, glass stones, etc.) I painted the frame a light color, and using tape, made the thin gold stripes. After the paint was all dry, I hot glued the flowers on, and it was done 🙂 I LOVE the way it came out! And to make it even better, the whole project was free! 🙂 Thank you Kathy for the popsicle sticks AND inspiration!! 🙂popflower3

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Until tomorrow!!


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