Kids Balloon Bookmarks

I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest, and knew I had to make them for my nieces and nephews this year for Christmas. I think they’re going to get a kick out of them! I know I did when I saw the finished product! They’re really easy to make, and I think a great gift for kids who are just starting out to read or even if they’re parents/grandparents are reading to them.

I asked the kids to pose as if they were “flying away” and to make a silly face, and they had a lot of fun doing so! 😉 I decided to go double-sided, so I printed two pictures: one regular, and the other mirror-imaged. You could always just do it one sided though, if it’s easier.  Using an Xacto knife, I cut as close as I could to the kids’ edges. If your paper is on the thin side, you could always cut a piece of cardstock out in the same shape and glue in between the two to give it more stability.kidsbookmarks1

I cut out 2 balloon shapes,  a small piece of bakers twine, and glued all the pieces together. I trimmed away any little pieces that were overlapping, and they were all done! 🙂 How FUN are these?!?kidsbookmarks2

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