Whipped Coconut Cardamom-Vanilla Body Scrub

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE me some coconut oil. I love eating it, and I love wearing it! What’s even better, it’s SO good for you! A while back when I went to San Diego, I bought this body scrub that I fell in love with. When I looked to see if they were sold anywhere in New York, the one place nearby didn’t carry it anymore! 😦  That’s just my luck lol.  So, instead, I decided to make it. The original one didn’t have coconut, but there’s just something about cardamom and vanilla with coconut. I LOVE it.

I purchased the coconut oil from Trader Joe’s for a super low price. I used plain white sugar, but you could use a larger grain for more of an exfoliant. It works best if you whip it up in a mixer or with a hand held mixer to get it nice and fluffy. The cardamom might be too strong or too weak for you, so just add to your own liking. For the vanilla bean, cut the ends off, slice it down the middle, and then scrape all the seeds out using the tip of your knife. Some people save the pods, for another project (ex: vanilla sugar) but you can discard it. Make sure the coconut oil is solid, but soft enough to measure out.whippedcoconutoil1

To use: scoop out a little, rub vigorously over body, wash off with warm water, and feel the silky smoothness 🙂whippedcoconutscrub2

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Until Friday!!


12 responses to “Whipped Coconut Cardamom-Vanilla Body Scrub

    • Whoops! Just updated it! Thanks for that, completely forgot to add that part in. You just want the seeds 🙂

      • Awesome! I actually put the whole thing in there after chopping it up. It still turned out really good! Better then some of the other ones I have tried.

    • I was going to say…I don’t think it would make too much of a difference if you added it, it would still make it smell delicious! I’m glad you liked! 🙂

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