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This guy went to my friends Rebecca and Dan, who just came by for a little visit, for Christmas this year. They live a few hours away, and because I won’t be seeing them again until after the holidays, we exchanged gifts early. This means, I can finally put the tutorial for it up on the ol’ blog! I’ve seen some chalkboard platters out there on Pinterest, but a lot of them used paint that suggests to keep away from food. In my opinion, I don’t care if it’s only going to be the plate for a little while, I don’t want to take chances, especially when giving gifts! I looked, looked, looked, and finally found a non toxic chalkboard paint. They sell it at Michaels, and it’s less than $2. This project is super easy, and a lot of fun. My friends host a lot of parties and get togethers, so I thought it was perfect for them 🙂

I purchased the platter from TJMaxx, and used a foam brush so I wouldn’t get streaks. I taped the sides off for crisp, straight lines (which because I’m a perfectionist, still went in after and scraped away anything that bled through, though there wasn’t a lot). The paint suggests to wait an hour between coats. Once they’re all dry, I went around the edges with the Satin Mod Podge to seal them in. This is just to make sure it won’t lift up at all. I wouldn’t suggest washing this is the dishwasher, and honestly I wouldn’t submerge it in water to wash by hand. I’d gently wipe anything away with a wet paper towel and that should do the job.chalkboardplatter1

Look at the difference! You can’t see the Mod Podge AT ALL once it’s dried. I’m not sure if anything other than the Satin one would work, but I wouldn’t even try, because this worked so perfectly.chalkboardplatter2

Now to get it all ready to gift! I put a piece of chalk in a plastic bag and stapled the top with a piece of pretty scrapbook paper. I printed out the picture to wrap around it, so I didn’t need to explain what it was as they opened it. Needless to say, she loves it and can’t wait to use it! Now, I need to make myself one! 🙂chalkboardplatter3

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