DIY Zippered Clutch

Zippers seem so intimidating, don’t they? Well, at least they were to me. I used to stay away from them because they just seemed too complicated. That is until I looked on Youtube. There are SO many tutorials on Youtube that I’m a total pro at putting zippers in now! This clutch is super simple, and takes no time at all. This one is very basic, which I thought would be good for people who are just starting, and also because you can decorate it however you’d like. I found this fabric the other day and literally, couldn’t stop thinking of it….I was scared that when I went back the next day it wouldn’t be there, or I wouldn’t be able to find it. I’m obsessed with the colors, the print, the EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FABRIC! If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I made myself one yesterday, but forgot to take pictures for the tutorial. I told my sister, she’s getting one so I can make it again and take some pictures for you guys! 🙂

Here’s my cute clutch (fabric from Joann Fabrics)elephantclutch

The interfacing thickness depends on the type of fabric you have. If it’s a really thin fabric, you’d want to get a thicker interfacing, and vice versa.elephantclutch1

Start by ironing the top of both the linings down about 1/4in. Set them aside, and iron the interfacing onto the fabric (the shiny side against the back of the fabric). Fold the top down 1/4in as well and set them aside.elephantclutch2

Now for the strap. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and iron to make a crease. Open, and fold the ends inward to meet at the crease, and iron down. Fold in half, iron down, and then sew the edges down. Finally, sew to the side of one of your front pieces.elephantclutch3

Starting with the lining, folded side DOWN, sew to the BACK of the zipper. You want to get as close  to the zipper as you can. I usually start with the zipper open, and then once I get to the center, WITH THE NEEDLE DOWN, I push the zipper closed passed the foot. After sewing the other side on, turn it around and do the same with the front pieces.elephantclutch4

Now, put your linings together and your front pieces together to lay flat, and open up the zipper halfway. Sew around the whole bag, curving around the corners, and leave an opening to pull it all through. Clip the ends of the zipper, and the corner.elephantclutch5

Pull it all though, and sew the opening closed. If it’s wrinkled, iron it, and you’re all done!elephantclutch6

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Until Friday!!

11 responses to “DIY Zippered Clutch

  1. wow it turned out great!! i hav a bow clutch and i used the same way you used to sew this beauty and the fabric oh i’ll fight you to have it and make the same clutch lool great job.XOXO

    • Thanks!! I made some bow ones too, following a tutorial I found online, but those can’t be posted yet, as they’re going out as Christmas gifts! 🙂 Isn’t this fabric awesome! I want to buy the whole roll!! Hahah

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  3. Thanks for the great little tutorial. I have to go to a gala event on Friday and went looking for a nice little clutch to take. I did not like any of the ones in the stores so I figured I could probably make my own. Stopped at the Fabric store on my way home and then set about trying to piece together what I was going to do. Your page had all the info I needed and loved the pics. Thanks so much!

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