Skintritious Skincare Line Review

Hey guys!! I’m doing something a little different today. I’m writing a review for a skincare line called Skintritious. While I don’t talk much about beauty products, in general (though I’d like to start doing so!), I thought this would be fun. When the creator of Skintritious, sent me a message asking if I’d do a review, I was so excited! I looked over the website, and it seemed right up my alley! I’ve never mentioned it before, but I actually took an aesthetician course while attending High School. While I never persuaded it, I feel very passionate about pure and natural skin products, and these products are completely natural, and make your skin feel amazing!!!

A little bit about the creator Megan Hagar, a licensed aesthetician: She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Hunter College in NYC, and has been featured on CBS News, Better TV and in numerous magazine and online articles such as Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Daily Candy, Allure, and

What I love most about Skintritious, is that their philosophy is not only about what goes on your face, but also what what foods you should be consuming to get the healthy skin you want. Another thing I really like about it, is if you’re unsure what products you need for your skin type, or not even sure what skin type you have, you can schedule a consultation to speak with them! I told Megan that I had oily skin, and left it up to her to choose something for me. She sent a little goody box of her Cinnamon Lip Plumping Scrub, Fruit and Clay Mask, and Orange Blossom Body Polish (my favorite! This stuff smells heavenly!), along with two recipes that help keep my skin healthy, AND an explanation as to what each ingredient does for my skin! I’ve never heard of a skincare line doing such a thing, but I love it!

So, when I opened the box, I got a whiff of the Cinnamon Lip Plumping Scrub. It smelled amazing! I scrubbed it into my lips, and washed it off with warm water. One word for this scrub….invigorating! I felt it tingling, and my lips were SO smooth! I’m not going to say I had me some Scarlett Johansson lips (I could only wish!), but I definitely noticed a difference, they were fuller!

Next, I used the Orange Blossom Body Polish. Oh, the second I opened this container, I was in loveeeee, this stuff smells soooo good I could eat it!!! I used it after shaving my legs, and they smelled great, and felt silky smooth for the rest of the day! (My husband even noticed!) 🙂

Finally, I used the Fruit and Clay Mask. This too smelled great. I just love masks! They make me feel like such a girly girl. I washed my face and toned, as suggested, and using my fingers, spread it over my face. One of the ingredients used is tea tree oil. I don’t know what it is about tea tree oil, but it makes my skin feel cleaner automatically. It’s so refreshing!! I left it on for about 10 minutes (until it dried) and wiped it off. My face felt soooo nice! I literally couldn’t stop touching it (which I’m sure wasn’t very good for my skin! lol). There’s just something about masks…..I always feel the need to make silly faces in the mirror when I have one on lol. Just me?

Overall, I LOVED the products (and that’s completely MY OPINION!), and I hope you check them out! I’d definitely love to get any of these products for the holidays! 😉 Visit the Skintritious shop by clicking HERE!


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