DIY Glitter Clothespins

This year for Christmas, I wanted a cute way of displaying my cards. Normally, I stand them all up on my bookcase, where there’s not enough room, so I decided to go with the pinning-them-up-on-a-string display. I wanted to decorate my own clothespins, so I glittered them up! I had something very specific in mind, but had to deal with what I had. Originally, I wanted big chunky champagne colored glitter, but Michaels only had the fine. Oh well, they still came out really cute! I actually though I hated glitter. I know it’s the coolest thing around all of a sudden, but after about oh, middle school, I didn’t really care for it. Aside from the messy-ness of it, I just thought it was tacky, or too much. But I’ve now decided that in small quantities it’s actually really cute. For this particular project, and especially for Christmas, it’s perfect!


I started with some medium sized clothespins, super fine champagne glitter by Recollections, and Elmer’s blue gel glue. You could use another liquid glue, but this is what I had on hand.


I dipped the clothespin into the glue, spreading it out with my finger (this is messy, but it’s necessary), and then dipped it into the glitter, making sure it was completely coated. I shook off any excess glitter, and sat them upright to dry for a little bit. You could do the other side as well, but I decided to do the one side as they’re going to be against a wall and won’t turn around. I don’t know about you, but I hate finding glitter all over the place, and getting it all over my skin, so once they all dried, I sprayed them with some acrylic sealer a few times until the glitter didn’t come off anymore.


I tied a piece of yarn up and pinned my anniversary cards up. I think they’re super cute, and will look great with the other Christmas decor I plan on making!! 🙂


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Until tomorrow!


3 responses to “DIY Glitter Clothespins

  1. I am trying to find a different sized clothespin than the traditional size and am having a very difficult time. I am specifically looking for a 3/4″ wide (flat surface of pin) that is 3″ long. Any suggestions are great.

    • Hmmm, Michaels sells a lot of different sized clothespins, but I’ve never seen one that was 3/4in wide. Have you actually seen them before, or you just want something like that? You can always give an illusion of that size by cutting and gluing a large popsicle stick onto a standard clothespin. Just a suggestion! 🙂

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