Paper Nail File Caddy For Party Favors

So, as some of you may know, I’m a nail technician. Well, tomorrow, I’m going to one of my client’s daughter’s birthday party, and polishing her and a few of her friends nails (can’t wait!). I’ll be using a different nail file for each girl, along with an orange woodstick (no cross contamination!!), and since I won’t be using them again, I figured I’d package them up all cutesy so they can take them home with them. It couldn’t get any easier than this! I literally just made a little envelope/caddy using some cute girly scrapbook paper. I punched out little hearts and glued them on so they could write their initials on them this way no one goes home with the wrong file! I thought of just doing different printed papers, but I’ve learned from experience that just turns into a “I wanted that color” “Well it’s mine!” type of deal, sooo figured I’d have them all be the same, but they’re super cute, so it’s okay ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if you don’t have a nail tech come to your house, if your kids were having a sleep over and they planned on doing their nails, it would be a really cute way to package them up to take home. You never know what’s under those nails, therefore (especially while dealing with OTHER peoples children), don’t reuse nail files!

Now, these files are just plain double sided files, nothing fancy. If you choose to get a specialty nail file, the sizes will be different, but these caddy’s measurements areย  approx. 6 1/4in x 1 1/4in. They can be a bit bigger, but you don’t want them to be taller than the file and stick, this way you can pull them out without a problem. I folded the sides of the paper inwards, to make it approx 1 1/4in wide. Then for the bottom, I drew and cut out a round edge (but you could very well just cut across to make it straight). I finished it up by using an adhesive tape runner to close the sides, and then glued the rounded edge over them.

Look at how cute they are! Much better than sending them home with ziplock bags!

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Until tomorrow!!


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