The Plaaaanning Is The Hardest Part…

Like my Tom Petty Parody?

Okay, so now that we’re engaged it’s wedding planning time.

I said that I wanted to have a fall wedding, Keith said whatever makes me happy (gotta love that!!-until your knee deep in wedding stuff and want a real answer, that is-lol) Actually, at first, I said I didn’t even want to talk about a wedding any time soon, as I wanted to take things slow so I didn’t stress myself out, and then a few weeks later something came over me….

I could actually look at wedding magazines, and…………and I did.

Then I had the idea of having a small wedding in my (now) sister-in-law’s backyard…

and in June (less than six months away).

Keith’s sister and brother-in-law have a huge amount of land, and I thought that we could save money doing it this way. I could do the flowers, the cake, and anything else I could think of (THANK GOD this didn’t happen!). His sister and her husband okay-ed it, and my mom thought I was crazy. “Why the rush? I think you should look at places. I don’t think this will save money in the long run. I think you’ll be too stressed out. etc…..” Thank you, mom. I wouldn’t have been able to handle this.

No siree.

No way in HELL!

So, we looked around. My parents friend’s daughter had gotten married at this beautiful place, Catlin Gardens, that year and my mom said we HAD to go check it out. It was the first place we went to, and I LOVED it. They had the option of being indoors or out, or both. If it decided to rain that day, they’d simply set up indoors.Very stress-free. The gardens were GORGEOUS (this is what they were known for), there was a beautiful hotel attached to it, and I knew before we even finished the tour that this place was for me. So we booked the day, and then the real planning began.

I always had ideas for my wedding. I knew I wanted it to be small (ha.) and and hippie/country chic. Well, our small list of guests somehow kept getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER.

Now, something you may not know about me….I’m a nervous wreck. I don’t like people looking at me. When I told this to people, I got the same response “but you’re the bride! There are going to be A LOT of people looking at you!” We ended up having 160 people…and I was fine….strangely. And without medication or alcohol (that is no alcohol before the ceremony! lol)

Something happens to a bride on her wedding day…at least something happened to me! I think I was in a coma actually lol. I’d LITERALLY never been more stressed out in my LIFE than when I planned my wedding. I was an emotional wreck! But it’s so funny, I missed it when it was all over with. I mean don’t get me wrong…it took a good few months to get it out of my system, but I actually missed the INVITATIONS! I did them myself, and it ended with tears! TEARS! And a hurt back… butt…and brain lol. But they all came to less than $50! Which I didn’t realize was so good until I talked to a girl who was getting married after me, and bought hers for over $400, and that was on the cheap side!! Ayeee, I appreciated my $50 invites a whole lot more after hearing that.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…first comes the save the dates!

Which I made myself as well. These were completely made by me (aside from the actual picture taking, which I can thank my friend Tracy for), while my invitations were just printed, centered and re-centered, (because apparently the template and was off with it’s measurements), printed, and then glued, glued glued, glued……..then addressed (I did NOT hand write them out after all that!)…and finally stamped. These save the dates, as awesome as they were (and everyone loved them, some people even still have it on there fridges!) were one of the biggest pains in my butt! I can’t tell you how many times I needed to print it to make sure it came out good, and then it would be too dark, too blurry, too light, and then finally when I’d like the way it looked, there would be no ink. Then when I’d get the ink, they would be no paper. And not to mention the envelopes! I had to make them myself, because of the shape. Whatever, no big deal, it’s an easy task to do while watching tv, or whatever. Well stupid me made one for EACH PERSON ON MY LIST! 180!! I made 180 envelopes and I only needed 70 as most of the people on the list were couples! Ayeeee….

Oh, but that was only the beginning lol…

About 5 years before my wedding, I found a dress in a magazine. I cut that picture out, and carried it with me in my wallet. I LOVED this dress.

It was country chic, it was Betsey Johnson, and it was me. Well, when my wedding came around, this dress could NOT BE FOUND anywhere. I called, I emailed, but nothing. I thought maybe I could make it. But I was too stressed out to make it. I thought maybe I could find something similar. But I couldn’t find ANYTHING eyelet (which was my favorite part), but I did find a BEAUTIFUL dress that was somewhat similar. Unfortunately, it was also really expensive.

Picture from somewhere on Etsy, but not positive who the seller was!

To some people, it would’ve be less than there lowest price in there budget, but for me, I couldn’t imagine spending thisΒ  much money (or really having my mom spend it, as she wanted to buy my dress) on a dress that would be worn once, and for a few hours at that. So when we went to David’s Bridal (hate this place, but that’s besides the point and another LONG story, that I won’t be going into it, but you HAVE been warned!) for my bridesmaids dresses, I tried on a few just for fun. Well, I ended up going home with the first one I tried on πŸ™‚

Both pictures taken by Le Conteur Photography

It wasn’t ANYTHING like my Betsey Johnson dress, but it was me, and it was beautiful! I also got another beautiful (totally hippie) dress from Mod Cloth, that I changed into after first dances and what not, as I couldn’t breathe in this dress because I wanted it to be tight so I didn’t have to be pulling it up constantly, which I had to do anyway of course lol.

For shoes, I wanted nothing more in the world than teal t-strap pumps.

Not positive where I got these pictures from!

I was obsessed.

Well, didn’t happen. The shoes I got were cute, but nothing like these, and definitely not teal.

Picture taken from a Google image search. P.S. These shoes were way cuter in person. I was actually surprised. I didn’t love them when I saw them on Zappos, but when I put them on, I fell in love.

After being so stressed out about everything, I couldn’t help but say “I just don’t care” after a while, and do whatever was easier. I CAN NOT stress it enough to all you brides out there. Don’t do this. Planning a wedding is freakin’ stressful. But once the day comes, everything is SO worth it, you forget about everything and dance it all away (at least I did!) Don’t give up on things that you’ve wanted for your wedding from the very beginning because you don’t feel like dealing with it! You’ll regret it! And although you can renew your vows, it’s not the same. You only have ONE first wedding day.

So now there’s the bridesmaid dresses. The first picture is what I wanted and LOVED, the second is the one that we ended up doing (but in a beautiful brown…you’ll see tomorrow πŸ™‚ ). Although different, I, and the bridesmaids (and just about everyone else who saw them) loved them. I actually wanted to do all different dresses in the same color, but they all ended up picking the same one, which I was totally fine with! It was a beautiful color, and the style was really flattering.

At first, we got high high high heels for the girls (I can’t seem to find a picture), and most of them were not too happy about it. I didn’t pick them out, I just okayed them, so when I found out that they weren’t happy I changed them. We actually got them from Payless surprisingly, and they were SO CUTE.Β  Unfortunately, they were even more uncomfortable than the heels by the end of the ceremony, but they just kicked them off when the music came on anyway, so it was all good πŸ™‚

I made the girl’s jewelry, along with mine. And they loved them. One of my girls actually wore it for her wedding (that I was in as well!) a few weeks later, and I wore my sister’s (the far right one) to her wedding too :). The flower girls wore necklaces that matched mine because they wanted to “look just like me”Β  πŸ™‚ …too cute.

Onto flowers!! Although my bouquet was HUGEMONGOUS, and heavyyyy (we couldn’t do that pose of Keith dipping me while draping the bouquet downwards because it was pulling me down!), it was beautiful. I wasn’t loving those orchards in it, but everyone loved the flowers at my wedding. They all kept saying how much they were SOOO me. What they didn’t know was I specifically said I wanted pale, pale, PALE, pink and green and possibly some purple (like light lilac purple) in there, and then I got bright pinks and roses, which I specifically asked not to have. I asked for the sunflowers, and that was the most important thing to me. But honestly, I didn’t give a crap on the day of the wedding. I had sooo much fun, that nothing bothered me!

All pictures taken by Le Conteur Photography

Now for the cake! I didn’t care TOOO much about it, but this is what I had in mind when I DID think of it. And then what I got. It came with the package and would have cost more to do a specific design, and it ended up being REALLY pretty, so I didn’t mind at all!

Left: I got from I believe Right: Taken by Le Conteur Photography

Left: I got from I believe Right: Taken by Le Conteur Photography

There were just SO many ideas I had that just never happened. One for example (and it’s a really cute idea, so steal it if you want!), I wanted to have a paper table cloth and crayons on the kids table. But we decided not to do a kids table, because I was worried about the supervision. So instead, I handmade some coloring books (found the pages online of TV shows that my husband and I loved when we were younger, printed them out punched holes, and closed them together with a ribbon) and had them on a table along with bubbles in jars with skeleton keys as the wands, and streamers that I had made. I actually think this was better than what I originally wanted! I had a lot of kids at the wedding, so I knew I wanted to have some things to keep them occupied while they weren’t dancing. Not to mention it all went with them as more favors, so they loved that!

Middle and Right photos taken by Le Conteur Photography

I wanted a wish tree at my wedding, and was inspired by this one specifically.

No clue where I got this photo from!

Here’s what I came up with:

All pictures taken by Le Conteur Photography

I loved it.

My mom got the sticks, I made the frame, the tree stump planter with our initials, and the tags, stamping things like Where should we go on vacation, Where should we go on a date, and things like that. It was a lot of fun to read them all! We also had our guest book(s) there, and those were especially fun to read afterwards.

…….Especially because most of it was written by the kids! haha

I wanted to have little tree stumps with name tags in them, but then I found out I would have had to assign specific seats rather than tables, and there was no way that was happening. So, instead, I printed out a picture with a thank you message on them and they became favors. My parents spent dayssss on these, cutting, sanding, sealing, etc. and I loved them along with ALL my guests. Some of them even took more than one home! πŸ™‚ Thanks again mom and dad!! I also sent people home with a little box of candies (that I stamped our initial on, and put together) and a little bottle of pink lemonade (also, that I put together, remember I mentioned them in this post?). So my guests went home with 3 favors! Originally I was just going to fill the little bottles with some sort of alcoholic beverage, but decided against it as there were a lot of kids!

All pictures taken by Le Conteur Photography

I wanted a photo snap station, and I got one! I made, and purchased some silly props, and my photographers (who were literally the most amazing people AND photographers in the world) took over 150 pictures! Everyone LOVED the photo snap station, and I can’t believe it, but Keith and I don’t have ONE picture together from it! Grrrr, I was so mad at us when I realized that! But we DID get a lot of great ones!

Picture taken by Le Conteur Photography

Oooh, there’s so much more stuff that I could write but I’ve written so much that I’m sure you’re thinking “shut up already” if you haven’t exited out of the page already! I wasn’t trying to complain, at all, because I literally had the best time of my life at my wedding, along with everyone else (people still tell me how it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to…..jus’ sayin’…;) ) I just reallllly wanted to show everyone….weddings almost NEVER happen like you want them to. And that’s why I love the episode of How I Met Your Mother when Lily and Marshall get married. I am telling you, they hit the nail on the head with that episode!! Anyone who’s seen that episode and who’s gotten married knows what I’m talking about! haha!

One totally random thing I DO want to say though, because it was one of my favorite things I did….choose a perfume for that day. Spray it on (if you can, do it throughout the day so you and your husband can smell it continuously), then put it away and don’t use it for a while. A few months later, spray it on, and it’s like an instant memory trip! I did this for our honeymoon, and I used the spray a few months later and my husband goes “It smells like our honeymoon in the bathroom.” πŸ™‚ I actually didn’t do this for the wedding although I planned on it (another one of those, I just can’t care about anything anymore moments, that I’m mad at myself for. But at least I was able to do it for my honeymoon!!

Scent of choice (and I’d say perfect for Hawaii!) :

Tomorrow’s wedding day timeee! πŸ™‚

But I will leave you with the ONLY appropriate picture from my bachelorette party….How the night ended for me.

mmmhm….those are feetie PJs…and it was only 11pm.

**Some of the pictures on this post were taken from various places (books, magazines, online, tv) and were intended for me to use for inspiration, so I never wrote down where they were from. If anyone knows, please let me know, so I can give credit where credit is due! Thanks!**


14 responses to “The Plaaaanning Is The Hardest Part…

  1. Love all the planning you did! Looks like so much fun too! I often think that if I could do it over I would and do more myself. When I was getting married, I had to help him get his visa to come to England, we were moving house, I started a new job, a full time MA course at uni, my sister had just moved back to usa (she was like my PA!) and it was soooo stressful! I am really collecting a lot of ideas for our ten year anniversary party πŸ™‚ also, cool idea of swapping out dresses!

    • Oh my goodness, and I thought I was stressed out?, I can’t even imagine how you felt!! Wow! When’s the big 10?! Thank goodness for pinterest now, somewhere down the line, I’ll have the best renewing of our vows!! Haha. I was soooo torn about the dress situation, as it happens to be, my moms wedding dress was eyelet (probably why I wanted an eyelet dress! Lol) and I fit into it, and I was debating on whether or not to wear that for the ceremony and then my wedding dress for the reception, but I decided not to because my moms dress was long sleeve shirt and I hadnt even thought of the idea until like, a week before the wedding, so I didn’t want to stress myself out by altering it in anyway….but of course after the fact, I wish I would have because it would’ve been so cute to see our wedding pictures side by side……but at the same time, my second dress was so comfortable that I’m also glad I did what I did!

      • I loved my wedding dress but with all the stress i ended up paying a fortune for it- its pronovias (designer) and i found it spontaneously. now its a never ending “joke” that I have this $2500 dress as baggage everywhere we move! and we have boys, no girls to pass it along to! originally i had wanted a fancy white chinese dress n then i would get jimmy choo wedding shoes (on discount as i worked at harrods at the time) but i couldn’t find the chinese dress i wanted until 2 years after the wedding- for only Β£20!!! ahhh! a lot of my friends got their wedding dresses made but man oh man i just had NO time! i figured i had the two most important things that day: the right groom and all my family πŸ™‚ PS I LOVE my wedding shoes and because we married in dec his mom made this amazing cape to go over the dress. i’ll post it one day so everyone can see.

  2. Oh noooo that’s the absolute worst! Finding something you wanted for so cheap AFTER THE FACT!! You just want to cry…..but you are totally right, you had the right groom and family, and that’s the most important part…that’s what I kept reminding myself when something didn’t go right, or if I couldn’t get some for the wedding….I would LOVE to see some of your wedding pictures…and the cape sounds beautiful!!!

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