PicMonkey: A Gallery

Have you ever played around with PicMonkey? This is the site that I use to edit my photos (fix the colors, write on, watermark, etc.). It’s free, and awesome. They keep adding cool stuff and fonts too, so you should definitely check it out! I usually just use the basic effects to lighten a picture if it’s too dark or enhance the colors if they’re dull, as I want to keep my pictures as true as possible! But sometimes I like to play around with the special effects with certain pictures just for fun. Here’s a collection of some that I’ve done from a few years ago (actually with Picnik, before it closed) and some that I’ve done recently. You’ll see I have a slight obsession with ferris wheels! Hope you enjoy, and check out PicMonkey!

**Have a project you made using one of my tutorials? Show it off! I, along with all my followers, would love to see it! 🙂 I’ve started a new page on my blog called “Your Pictures!”, located right next to the “About This Blog!” link at the top of my blog. Check it out for more information, and to see other fan pics!**

Until tomorrow!!


14 responses to “PicMonkey: A Gallery

  1. I love Picmonkey, too! I only have a little cell-phone sized point and click camera, so PM really helps me fix the lighting. Oh, and your photos in this post are lovely!!!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Isn’t picmonkey great?! I mean I use it for everyyything! I’ll bring up a blank page and make something from scratch, like my thank you cards for my bridal shower, invitations for a party I had,my blog header, and so much more! I just love picmonkey!

  2. Hi, they look great. I used picmonkey to make the Banner on my Etsy Shop, surprising myself that I could actually create something like that! Strangely enough, I haven’t been back to the site, even though at the time I was thinking of all the images I could create. So, thanks for the reminder! Cath 🙂

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