Easy Handmade Twine Belt: A Tutorial

Hello all! I know I said I was going to be posting yesterday, but walking around an amusement park all day can really knock you out! I couldn’t get myself to do ANYTHING yesterday! Today, on the other hand, I looked around on Pinterest, and wanted to do EVERYTHING. So I did a few projects, and present you with a belt that’s been wandering in and out of my head for a few weeks.

Sometimes, depending on the outfit, I like to wear my belt right above my waist. The problem with this is, belts are usually too big to fit there, or the end hangs down too much and gets in the way. Yes, you can use some tape to hold it up, but why not just make your own so it fits perfectly right?! This project was SO easy, (and cheap!!!) that I’ll be making soooo many more! This belt is a little country chic, being made with gardeners twine. A friend at work saw my Rope Wrapped Bottles post from a few weeks ago, and very nicely picked me up some more twine from The Christmas Tree Shop (Thank you, Kelly!) where she said it cost only $1.29!! I picked up the belt buckles (pack of two for around $2.99, but used a 50% coupon, so they only came to $1.99!) from Joann Fabrics, where they had a little selection of colors and sizes. I got the antique gold, as it matched the twine’s color and style.


I started, by measuring my twine. I wrapped a piece around the area I wanted it to go. Then, I multiplied that by three, and cut. I cut two more strands this long. Then, I folded the strands in half so there were six strands all together. Finally, I tied the twine around the belt buckle. You will have some left over, but it’s much better to have more than less!!


I stuck the buckle around a pen and held it with my knees, so I could hang out on the couch and watch TV while I braided.


I just did a regular braid, but a fishtail would be pretty too! Be careful not to get the strands all tangled up!! Once the braid got really long, I stuck the pen in between my feet! lol


When I got to the length that I wanted, I sewed the ends down, going over it a few times. Then, I tied the loose threads to make sure they don’t come undone, and cut!


To do the loop, I first sewed a strand down. I’m sure if you didn’t have a sewing machine, you could use some heavy duty glue.


Then, using my thumb, as the belt was around the same size, I wrapped the twine around 3 times and sewed it down, again tying any loose threads. You could do this however many times as you want, I just wanted to do 3. You could also braid it if you wanted.


And there you have it! A pretty awesome belt HANDmade, from gardeners twine! And this is just an example of what you can do…I plan on using all sorts of material for these! I’d like to make a rope one, a t-shirt scraps one, and anything else I can possibly think of!!


**Have a project you made using one of my tutorials? Show it off! I, along with all my followers, would love to see it! 🙂 I’ve started a new page on my blog called “Your Pictures!”, located right next to the “About This Blog!” link at the top of my blog. Check it out for more information, and to see other fan pics!**

Until tomorrow!!


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