Whole Wheat Buns: A Recipe

I always try to have homemade buns in the house, because I alwaysss want a burger. This is the recipe I’ve been using for a while now. I tried it, and loveddd it. They freeze really well, but I don’t know how long they last, because I usually eat them within a few days!

I start by using one packet of yeast. I warm up my water until it’s hot, but not too hot where you can’t keep your finger in it for more than a few seconds (you don’t want to kill the yeast), add 2 tsp. agave instead of sugar, and pour it over the yeast. You know it’s alive when it starts to foam up. If after a few minutes it hasn’t moved you’ve gotta try it again! The water might have been to hot, or the yeast might have expired.


Mix your dry ingredients in until it comes together. You don’t want to it be dry, but also not sticky so it gets all over your hands. Add more flour if needed (I usually have to). Throw a wet towel over the bowl, and stick it in a warm spot. I have a dehydrator with a bread rising temperature, so that’s what I use, but you could also stick it in your oven and close the door (don’t turn it on though!!)


After about an hour, you can take it out. It should look like this:


Punch down your dough, and divide it into 8 small balls (pfff :-X)


Flatten them out a little, and place them on a oiled and floured pan.


Let them rise until doubled (usually an hour, but sometimes if I’m impatient I’ll only wait 30 mins.)


Brush them with some milk and sprinkle sesame seeds on them, if desired. Bake at 370F for 25 minutes, or until nice and brown. When they come out of the oven, I like to brush some melted butter over them to keep them nice and soft.


Make a burger like my lentil burgers, or these (I just made them yesterday, they were soooooo goood) and eat them up!!


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Until tomorrow!!


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