Script Love Ring: A Wire Wrapping Tutorial

I know it seems like all I do is sit home and craft ALL DAYYY (which sometimes I do) but I actually DO have a life sometimes lol! So yes, I had to miss a post yesterday, and yes, I’m sorry. But hopefully this post will make up for it :). I’ve been in love with this ring since I saw it on Etsy years ago, and now I see it all over Pinterest. I don’t know why it took my so long to try making it, but I finally did a few weeks ago, got it on my first try! It seems complicated, but if you have any wire wrapping experience, it’s really not that bad. The hardest part about this ring is the spacing. You have to know where you should position the pliers so that the letters come out nice and even, and straight. Practice, practice, practice, and it’ll be really easy after a while! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my ring, and it’s nice to say “I made it!” :).


If you’ve got a lot of wire to work with, I’d start with a long piece, that way you don’t spend all this time wrapping the “love” to then find out that there’s not enough wire to close it up and make it a ring. Another tip: try not to wrap and then unwrap, because one: it will make the wire weaker, and two:  it will get warped and bendy looking. You want it to be nice and flow-y. One more tip: if you have plastic coated pliers, use them for this project. I even sometimes wrap fabric along the tips of them if I can, because you don’t want to dent or chip the paint off the wire!

I’m not trying to make it like, “one two three and tada! you’re done”. It DOES take time and practice, and even though I got it on my first try, there were other ones (even AFTER) that I messed up. So just take your time, look closely at the pictures, and don’t give up! I have faith in you 🙂


And now…just because I got bored the other day…Roscoe with eyebrows…lol


**Have a project you made using one of my tutorials? Show it off! I, along with all my followers, would love to see it! 🙂 I’ve started a new page on my blog called “Your Pictures!”, located right next to the “Home” and “About This Blog!” links at the top of my blog. Check it out for more information, and to see other fan pics! (Just added some great ones today!)**

Until tomorrow!!

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    • I used a black painted copper wire that I purchased from Michaels (a few years ago, but I’m pretty sure it’s still there) Hope that helped! 🙂

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