Easy Peasy Strawberry Parfait: A Recipe

I came up with this recipe the other day when I went to the strawberry festival a few weeks ago and they had……NO STRAWBERRIES. WTH man?! I was so disappointed!! So I went to the store and bought some strawberries. I wish I would have waited to get them from the farmer’s market because look at these beauties!!

I suppose I’ll have to buy them there next time…because I’ll definitely be making this parfait again! It’s so simple, yet delicious. Not to mention, it’s a great summer dessert, because you’re really only using the stove for less than 10 minutes.


I started by cutting the greens off my strawberries.


Diced them up really tiny.


Put them in a small pan over medium heat and added a squeeze of lemon. Depending on whether or not your strawberries are ripe or not, you may want to add sugar or agave.


Stir it occasionally until the sugars are released from the strawberries and it becomes a thick sauce.


Put your compote in the fridge to cool off, and ground up your graham crackers. I just stuck mine in a plastic bag and went over it with a rolling pin. You don’t want it to be a powder, but not too big.


Now for the whipped coconut creme, it couldn’t be easier! You want to stick your FULL FAT coconut can in the fridge (using a low fat one won’t work) for a little bit. Open your can, and scoop the solid creme at the top out. Whip it up in a kitchen aid, or hand held mixer until it’s fluffy and light. I add a little vanilla extract and about 1/4 cup powdered sugar, but you don’t need to add it.


Scoop it out and put it in piping bag, or like me, a ziplock bag. Squeeze any air bubbles out, and cut the tip off.


Now to assemble! I put a layer of graham crackers, and the coconut creme, then the strawberries. I continued until the cream was gone, and then put a few strawberries on top and sprinkled some of the graham crackers on top.


I wish I had more strawberries because I so want to eat one of these right now!


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Until tomorrow!


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