Every little thing is gunna be alright pillow (tutorial!)

So, basically all I listen to on Pandora is my Jack Johnson station. Ask anyone, I’m sure it gets annoying after a while, I’m just a lil’ bit obsessed with the guy ;). Well, Bob Marley comes on a lot, and lately Three Little Birds has been playing. I. Love. That. Song. The lyrics, the song, the music, everything. I am a firm believer in the motto Everything Happens For a Reason. I don’t just say it…I completely believe that it’s true. It’s what keeps me strong at times of doubt and struggles throughout life. So I was listening to the song the other day, and thought to myself I need those lyrics somewhere, but where? On what? I thought an art print, but I have absolutely NO ROOM for anything else in my house (I’ll have a post on that sometime soon, I’m a tad obsessed with having pictures all over my house). So, today was craft Monday with my friend Tracy, and it came to me. A pillow! How cute! I don’t NEED any more pillows either, but it looks darn cute on my bed!


So I used some of the extra sheet that I had from making my bathing suit cover up, and using the same method as my Like a Rolling Stone shirt post, I traced the words from my computer. “That’s going to be fun to cut out”…is what I said while taking this picture.


Approx. two hours later…


I painted it (dabbing it lighter than usual to get a washed look), and peeled. I wanted to keep the stencil, as it took a REALLY long time to make, so I had to be very careful. I used my Xacto knife to peel off certain problem spots to prevent ripping, and an extra hand (thank you Tracy!)


I also used my Xacto knife for all the little centers of the letters (although I don’t know what I’m doing here, as it looks like I already took the center off from the A..?)


Here it is after painting and peeling! Totally worth the time and effort, it’s so cute!


I saw on another blog to iron it once it’s somewhat dry(with a piece of fabric over it) so I did that. I don’t know what it does, sets it? Dries it? I dunno, but either way, I did it. Then I took the other side of what will be my pillow, and pinned it together (right sides together!)


I stuffed it, using a pillow that I didn’t care too much for (came with the couch). Then, I folded and pinned the section on the bottom (where I stuffed the pillow in), and sewed it closed (wasn’t about to do that by hand after all the cuttingΒ  for the stencil!).


Tadaaaa! All done. I LOVE my pillow, and what a cute reminder to look at everyday :). Those colors just make me so happy!


But apparently I’m not allowed to have my bed made…….lil’ jerk lol.

Until tomorrow!!


27 responses to “Every little thing is gunna be alright pillow (tutorial!)

      • Oh, and my friend Tracy (Momoftwosalums) suggested making two pillows, one saying “Don’t worry about a thing” and the other “cause every little thing is gunna be alright” which I LOVED, but I have no room for the two pillows…just a thought!

  1. Ohhhhh theusualbliss do it!! I am making a post tonight on the pillows I made for L’s dolls πŸ™‚ Thanks nikki for your help. I am now totally obsessed with getting a sewing machine. I am going to look now!

  2. i find myself saying that quote A LOT lately with everything going on with my husbands illness. what a wonderful thing to look at everyday! ideas have begun stirring…. x

    • I saw your husband was in the hospital. I didn’t see what for, but I hope its nothing serious, and although I don’t know you very well, you’re family is in my thoughts and prayers!

      • thanks! to be honest it is quite serious, he has a condition called CIDP, eventually it turns into ALS. like what steve hawkings the famous physicist had. it paralyses you. its rare and there is still so much drs don’t know about it. I’ve been his carer now for over 6 months, but we are hopeful. we are trying to move back to the states where more options are available and drs in general are better! in the meantime we try to be as normal and happy and positive as possible. anyhow, I’m going to use an old pillowcase and cut it in half to make a small cushion, still deciding on a similar quote, maybe just IT’S OKAY? πŸ™‚

      • Wow. That is very serious. Good for you guys keeping so strong. Sometimes its so hard to! I hope you’re able to come back to the states and he can get the help he needs (and deserves). I think IT’S OKAY would be perfect. And you’d save a lot of time (and you’re fingers! Can’t tell you how much my fingers hurt after cutting out all my letters lol).

  3. I loooooooove this pillow. Love it!!!! Beautifully done.
    Also: a P.S. @ nancylarson — You and your husband are in my prayers as well. I’m so sorry for your challenge.

  4. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT PILLOW and slightly Bob Marley haha. But YES, I LOVE THAT PILLOW. Why are you so great for showing your readers how to do this? This is so cool πŸ™‚ Currently, I’m working on a mustache pillow, then I’ll be off to do my kitty necklace, then this one πŸ˜€

      • I’m trying to figure out a way or site, that I could have my followers post the pics of stuff they’ve made. No such luck so far, I think I may just need to have you all send them to my email, and then I can have a page that I put them up on. But now to figure that out! lol Still getting used to wordpress lol

      • Or you could post them right at your site here on WordPress! πŸ™‚ I see no problem there. Unless you want a Facebook page haha. But that’s not such a good idea….

      • I think I’m going to post them on WordPress. I just have to figure out how to do that! I suppose start a page on my blog for it? But I don’t know how to do that lol

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