2 Step tile trivets!

Remember my tile coasters post? Well, I also picked up some larger tiles that were BEAUTIFUL. I knew exactly what I was going to do with them when I bought them. First of all, they were only $1.55 each, so another REALLY cheap and easy project!! 😀 When I say easy, I mean like, paint and glue easy. ANYONE could do it. And who doesn’t need trivets? I mean, I’m taking hot things out of the stove all the time without realizing that I can’t put it down directly on the counter tops! While these specific trivets aren’t going to me (and the person receiving them will FORGET all about them come Christmas :)) I’ll definitely be going to the store to make more for myself! I actually want to check out a store that exclusively sells tiles, because as beautiful as these are, they wouldn’t match my kitchen.


Here are what the tiles look like…aren’t they beautiful?! I was SO excited seeing that they were only $1.55! I got three different designs for the set because I couldn’t choose just one.


So I started off by painting the base and sides, because as you can see, it’s not very neat looking. If you’re making these for yourself, and don’t really care, you could even skip this step. They’ll never be seen anyway.I’m giving mine as a gift so I wanted them to look neat.


Then, I glued these little rubber bumpers onto all four corners, making sure to press them down firmly. I got them from Michaels in the framing section. They were really cheap AND I used a 50% coupon, so it was close to nothing. This glue works AMAZING, you just have to let it dry for a few hours.


AND DONE! Did I not say 2 steps?! I wasn’t exaggerating 🙂


I can’t wait to give them to (…? 😉 ) for Christmas! I think they’ll love them 🙂


Have a housewarming party to go to? Wedding? Bridal shower? (I can go on and on) No idea what to get? This would be a great gift for someone just moving in, because it’s something that slips everyone’s minds….until they’re pulling something out of the oven only to realize there’s no room on the stove to put it down!


Until tomorrow!


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