Bathing suit wrap tutorial

I found this on pinterest a while back and FELL IN LOVE. Of course I did, it’s from a certain lingerie store that has a secret! Shhh and I love just about everything they make! Let me just tell you…I am all about the comfort. Whenever I go went clothes shopping (I’m poor now), I would always be looking at the flowy hippie stuff while friends would be looking at the sexy stuff. It became a joke after a while, they’d ask me “what do you think of this dress?” and I’d say “is it comfortable?” or “it looks comfortable, get it”. I don’t care! I’m good at combining comfort and cute! When I try… So I saw this bathing suit cover up on pinterest and I knew I needed to make it, and knew it would be super easy….and I did make it, and it was super easy! I think even a beginner could make this, Clouds of Colour! :-D. The only thing I’d do differently, is use another type of fabric. I used jersey knit (my bed sheets actually, so it was totally free! *Woohoo!*) but I’d use a cotton/spandex/polyester blend next time.

So I started by cutting my rectangle. In the picture, it looks like the length of the wrap is just as wide as the models arm span. So I held the fabric up, marked it, and cut it. Length wise, as you hold it up, see where you would want it to come up to on you, and cut. Next time I’ll be making mine shorter.

Then, I cut the corners of one of the longer sides. This is where the arm holes will go.

I cut two strips of fabric for the arms by putting a tape measure around my arm. I cut mine to be 3in by 22 in.

Now, I turned the raw edges inward like so…

Then, pin the right sides together (the sides that are not folded). Please ignore the hair, my pup’s been shedding like crazy lately!

Then, I sewed it, as close as the edge that I could, and cut to make sure there wasn’t a lot of excess fabric.

Roll the folded part inside of your circle, and fold it in half. If you want to iron it as this point in time, you can. I think I may use some crocheted lace next time for the arm holes, wouldn’t that be cuteee?!

Now, back to the wrap. I folded in my raw edges twice, and pinned them down. Luckily, this fabric curls in at the ends, so it wasn’t that annoying. Leave the curved areas alone, they’ll be covered by the arm holes later. You could also leave these raw if you want. As long as you’re using a fabric that doesn’t fray, it would be fine!

Once I got to the corners, an easy way of making it look neat, is to fold the corner inward like so…

Fold the one side down…

Then the other side. I had to tuck the corner in under both the sides a little so it wasn’t showing.

I sewed all the sides down, getting as close to the edge as possible, to make sure the thread was going through all the layers.

Next, I pinned my arm holes onto the wrap. You want to tuck the wrap inside it, making sure they’re both completely aligned.

I sewed it, once again, as close to the edge as possible, and then continued around the whole circle.

Finally, put it on!!! πŸ™‚ (excuse the wrinkles, I am so not the ironing type lol)

Side shot…

Here’s how to put it on!

Can’t wait to wear it to the beach this year! It will definitely be accompanied with my sunbathers mat πŸ˜‰

Until tomorrow!!


27 responses to “Bathing suit wrap tutorial

  1. Niiiice! This sewing project of yours reminded me to tell you that yesterday I thought Id give sewing a go so got out mums old machine….as soon as i turned it on it started smoking!! So its probably safe to say, I wont be trying sewing out anytime soon aaahahaha πŸ˜€

  2. I really like this. Think I’m going to make myself one and my sister one for a present. Thank you for sharing it with us πŸ™‚

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  4. Now if only I was going on holiday this year! I don’t suppose I will have much call for one in Bristol! Perhaps if we go to the spa!

    Super cute though. It will perhaps be made.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love this. I may have to make one before I head to the beach later this summer!

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  8. can’t wait to make mine, purchased ruffled fabric for mine. But think I will go in search of more fabric so I have two for vacation.

  9. Wonder if you could do it with a beach towel ? I really hate having to constantly re-wrap mine around me .

    • If you did it with a stretchy towel it could possibly work, but as I wrote in my post, even the fabric that I used (a jersey knit sheet) didn’t work as well as I wanted. The best kind of fabric to use for this project would be a slinky jersey, which doesn’t get stuck on itself, but instead drapes nicely. When I wear mine, I have to pull and tug to make it sit where I want it to, where it should just be that I throw it on and go. You could always make some straps and sew them onto a towel and use some elastic to close it up though! I’ve seen those being sold in the stores, usually near the robes! But I’m sure it would be super easy to make!

  10. cute and I think I can manage BUT do you think putting some elastic in I would cinch up the back for this older person???

  11. Funny, this is something i was searchibg for on the web and suddenly..i had it in my mailbox via ‘tipjunkie’. I saw this dress being sold on the beach last summer and thought it could be so much better to sew one or two for me with my choice of fabrics, now with this pattern will be a breeze, thank you, thank you, thank you πŸ™‚

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