Cupcake stand using melamine plates tutorial

I’m so excited about this post because it’s just so cute, and easy! (if you get the correct sizes, or use the correct tools, unlike I did! lol) I got my melamine plates from Michaels (SO CUTE, I love them!) but you can find melamine plates at the dollar store even. Especially if you want to just practice, I’d start with cheap! I got everything else I needed from Home Depot, and believe it or not, for less than $4!




Start off by measuring your plates to find out the middle.


Once you’ve got that, mark it with a Sharpie.


Then, and this is very important, put some painters tape over your mark. I was able to see my mark through the tape, but if you can’t through yours (if its colored) you can eyeball the middle and put your tape down before you mark it. Make sure you put it on both the front and back!


Then, without using TOO much pressure, screw away! (get your mind out of the gutter heh heh)


I started with the smallest drill I had, and then worked my way up to the largest one I had (which wasn’t very large).Ā  When I found that the hole wasn’t big enough for the rod (gee that sounds bad lol) I used a screw that was the same size as the rod I got. Worked great! But keep that tape on, because I made the mistake of taking it off and it chipped a little of the plate. Luckily, it was so tiny, you couldn’t notice!


The rod that I got was too long. It would have been perfect for a three tiered stand, but I only wanted a two, so I had to cut it down! WOW, that was annoying!! I used a hacksaw and then had to file it down. Took oh, about AN HOUR. If I had something that could have cut it clean, it would have taken a few minutes, but I’m OCD and needed to finish it right then and there, so I used what I had lol. I bought a bag of nuts (….really?) and super glued one to the very bottom of the rod so it was flush with the end.


Once you do that, put it through your larger platter so the nut is on the bottom. Then, you want to put another nut on top to secure the plate, definitely don’t want it moving around when you have food on it! Get it as close to the plate (without cracking it) as possible.


I didn’t like the way the rod looked, so I got a copper pipe to cover it. I also felt like it gave a little extra reinforcement. The pipe, you’ll most likely have to cut down. I actually just got lucky and my dad had the EXACT size I needed. What? That never happens…


I painted the pipe to match the plates. I like to use the Martha Stewart paint, as it goes on pretty much anything. If you don’t want to use a pipe, you could very well just paint the rod.


Once it dried, I placed it over the rod. If you use a pipe to cover it (which you don’t have to, it’s completely optional) You want enough of the rod exposed so your other plate can lay on it, and you can put your knob on top.


I got a very plain knob, as I was kind of just practicing. I’m definitely going to Hobby Lobby because they have an entire aisle of just knobs! And what I love about this, is that you can take it apart and put it away! You could also just get a bunch of plates and drill holes in the middle and mix and match! Awesomeeee!

Now I just have to make some cupcakes to go on it! šŸ™‚




I finally got to use it for a friends party and it fits 2 cupcake batches PERFECTLY šŸ™‚


Until tomorrow!!


10 responses to “Cupcake stand using melamine plates tutorial

  1. wow! wow! wow! this is the best project I’ve seen today! I LOVE that you can make your own cupcake/treat stand to match ANY themed party! can’t wait to try this!! thank you!

  2. I’ve got cupcakes! we should collaborate! hahaha going to a boot sale this weekend and hoping to score some 20p picture frames and cute plates too! PS if not the rod, do you think i can hot glue gun something in-between the plates? i don’t have tools….

    • Mmmm cupcakes!:-D yes we should! Lol lucky you! Have fun shopping!! I’ve made cake stands using a hot glue gun and it didn’t go very well lol. Didn’t completely break, but tilted and I needed to stick things under it to keep it from falling. So I’d say try it out, but it wasn’t a fun experience! Especially since it was my friends bridal shower! Lol

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