Happy Half Thanksgiving!

Half Thanksgiving??? Yes…half Thanksgiving! My sister and I love Thanksgiving food so much that we’ve decided that we need to celebrate it twice a year! And what better than right smack in the middle! Now, technically, half Thanksgiving should have been the forth Thursday of this month, but my sister’s boyfriend (who’s in the Navy) got a few days off for Memorial day weekend, and we were willing to wait because it wouldn’t have been the same without him! 🙂 This was a total trial run, so anyone reading it that would have been invited – you know who you are 😉 – will be invited next year and years to come, because it went GREAT! I have to say, I’m really proud of myself for pulling it off. I planned everything perfectly! I not only had to cook the dinner (with the help of my sis) but I also had to clean my whole apartment (and it was REALLYYYY messy!), and make 6 trips to my storage unit, that luckily is only walking distance, but it got up to almost 90 F today! And don’t get my started on the humidity! I also, had to drive to the farmers market near by to get a pie and some apple cider. And after doing all of that, I still had the energy to clean up everything afterwards and do the dishes! All in all, it was so worth it! I loved every second!

So I started by making a pumpkin pie, so that it could be cool by the time we’d eat dessert. My sister and I picked up a pumpkin pie mix by Arrowhead Mills, because we didn’t want to overwhelm ourselves and make a lot of stuff to the point that we would never want to have half Thanksgiving again, and it called for an egg, so I used a flax egg. It has milk in it, so I wasn’t trying to do vegan, but I just never have eggs in my house (they skeeve me out), and I’ve never had a problem with using flax as a sub before, so I figured it’s a no brainer. I handmade made the pie crust, and literally all I had to do was mix the pumpkin pie mix with the flax egg and pour it in. Well, wow, did it come out AWFUL! It tasted good (and my crust was sooo good and flaky) but look at how ugly it came out! And not to mention F L A T. Oh well, that’s why I got the apple/blueberry pie! And I’m so glad I did! Because  it was gooood ;).


So, for the summer, because I don’t want the rest of the apartment to get hot, I hang up a curtain in between my living room and kitchen. It was a fricken sauna in my kitchen, so dang hot, probably worse then it was outside! My sister had the brilliant idea of wetting some paper towels and sticking them in the fridge, so every now and then, this is what we looked like….it felt so gooood :-D.


My sister Amber prepping for her amazing mashed taters!!


Putting some vegan marshmallows on the sweet potaters!! (geeze, just realized the cheezy cup I made of my husband and I from our honeymoon is in the shot haha go ahead, make fun!)


No Thanksgiving meal would be complete without some apple ciderrr! This stuff’s the best!


Here’s the finished product!

We had some regular mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows, stuffing, cranberry jelly, rosemary biscuits, a tofurky (don’t judge, we loved it, even the boys!), and of course apple blueberry crumb pie!

The cooks…

That’s me on the right and my sis on the left! Awful pic, as we were slaving away in the HOT HOT kitchen for hours, but doin’ it in style nonetheless, check out those cute aprons! (I made my sisters *ahem*) 😉


The boys…

Enjoying some TV and cool air while we work our butts off in the kitchen! =P (and my sis joining them for an AC break- it was needed every once in a while!)


Tables set! (Yeah, ghetto paper napkins, don’t judge! lol)

My favorite plates of alllll the ones I have! (And I have a lot!) My husband got them for me for my birthday a few years ago and I only like to take them out for special occasions, so great excuse to take them out! 🙂


Even the Roscoe pup got some half Thanksgiving dinner!


Once he got a whiff of it, he went crazy!


And couldn’t be happier when he actually got to eat it 🙂


I LOADED up my plate!! (Along with everyone else! – I wasn’t the only pig!)


And even after Roscoe’s big dinner he still wanted more!


All done! Bellies Full! 🙂


Last, but definitely not least, desserrrrrt 🙂 Of course after vegging out on the couch for about 2 hours lol!


We did make a list of things to remember for next year!

  1. Start making the food a few days early so we don’t sweat our butts off!
  2. Buy a fan for the window!….so we don’t sweat our butts off!
  3. Don’t buy pumpkin pie mix, from scratch is always better!
  4. Don’t open the apple cider a week before or else it tastes funky (*ahem* my husband!)

**Also, and I felt bad, this wasn’t in the original post (I added it in later) but I just wanted to say that obviously other then the food part of Thanksgiving, I like the celebrate what I am thankful for. I am a very lucky person to have so many people I love in my life, and I’m grateful every day for that!**

So that’s it!! A new tradition for us! I honestly didn’t think I’d get this post up today, but I’m glad I did! Because I may just take it easy tomorrow and do absolutely nothing! Then again….I AM a mad crafter 😉

Until…..tomorrow? 🙂


17 responses to “Happy Half Thanksgiving!

  1. Half-Thanksgiving is brilliant- for gratitude and the FOOD! I usually opt for pecan pie on Turkey Day, but an extra holiday in the year means all pies get their day in the sun. Yay! Thanks for writing!

  2. Thanksgiving is totally my favourite too! Even though I’ve been living in europe the last eleven years, we still keep the tradition going strong! stuffing, buttered corn, sweet potatoes, mash, apple pie, pumpkin pie, walnut pie, its just too good! love the idea of cold wet paper towels! haha i should do that to my kids! x

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    • You SO are! I just didn’t know how it would go, like if halfway through we were like I can’t do this anymore, I didn’t want to be also cooking for two more and then I was going to invite Nicole too, so three more! I would have felt bad lol, but it went perfectly! And next year it’ll be even better!

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