What to do with all this scrap paper!?

I have a problem…I save wayyyy too much scrap paper I have leftover from projects. I know that one day I’ll use it, but it just builds up!! I decided yesterday that I’d use some of it up, and I wanted to give my readers some ideas.




Here’s my box of scrap paper, all different sizes, some so small I don’t even know what I could use them for! I just can’t get myself to throw them out!


You might recognize my scrapbook covered cans from my kitchen, as they’re in the background of plenty of my pictures.


I just take my paper, wrap it around the can, and mark where it needs to be cut.


Then, I cut the paper, and seal it with invisible tape. You can also Mod Podge the paper on. I hear keeping the original paper on the can makes it easier, but I only use them as decoration, or to put pens and what not in them, so taping is good enough for me!


Next, using the same concept, cover some candles! These are the small ones from Bath and Body Works.


An obvious use of scrap paper…making cards! It’s always nice to have some homemade cards on hand for unexpected occasions. People are always impressed when they receive a handmade card from me. 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I always have extra envelopes laying around. When I want to make a card, I start by folding and measuring a piece of cardstock to an envelope.


Decorate away!! I use all kinds of stuff to embellish the cards. Stickers, washi tape, stamps, punches, and whatever else I have lying around.


I always keep a few handmade cards on hand!


Just about now….this is what my table looked like! Then again, this is what it always looks like on craft Mondays!! 🙂 Creative minds at best!


Now, for something not so obvious, small tin cans, such as Altoids, or these guys.


I lay the top down on some paper and trace around so I know where to cut. I repeat the same for the bottom, and then brush some Mod Podge down and place my paper down, pushing any air bubbles out. I used cardstock, as I’ve found you never get bubbles with thicker paper. Once the Mod Podge dried a bit, I embellished it with a “B” (for my last name) that I had cut using the Cricut a few days ago (it was too big for the project I was making it for so into the scrap pile it went!). I Modge Podged over it to seal it in. What can you use it for? Look up Altoids tin on pinterest! There are endless possibilities!


I use sea salt A LOT. So whenever I buy it, I get the big tubes of it.


I simply took my scissors and pried the top off.


And using the same concept as the cans and candles, I covered it up. I made some cute tissue paper pompoms and used it as a vase! 🙂


Now, for my favorite, cover up some matchboxes!


How cute are they?! My favorite one is the blue polka dots with the birds :). I also made one to go with my Husband’s Oma’s Christmas present. Remember my teacup candle post?

I mean really….I can’t even handle the cuteness!

So there you go! A few ways to use up that scrap paper, and a great way to recycle! I also covered up a Hershey’s cocoa powder container, using the same method as the cans. It’s so easy, why not do it?!


Now, onto an unrelated subject, my friend Tracy that I talk so much about, at MomofTwosalums, is having a craft challenge next month to make some DIY coasters. It should be a lot of fun, and I’ll be contributing by making some more tile coasters, but you can use whatever you want. Get creative!! Don’t have a need for coasters?? Make some for a friend! Give it to someone as a gift. 🙂 Click here to check it out!


Until tomorrow!!


29 responses to “What to do with all this scrap paper!?

      • You totally should! I was about to suggest it. Collages are so much fun and a great way to make use of those tiny sized scraps. Adding pictures of friends is also a great idea. Framing the college would be my next step, but I never get around to it. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! 🙂

      • Pictures on them! Smart! It’s funny how I don’t think of such obvious things sometimes! lol These are such cute ideas, and what’s perfect is I have so many pictures that I’ve printed out too many times, by accident or whatever the reason may be, so they’re sitting there right next to my scrap paper pile! I’m going to add it to my Christmas list to make for the fam and I think I may do a post 🙂 Thanks!

  1. Love all these ideas! teacup candle with matchbox!! perfection!! your blog is my new favourite! also, currently I’m obsessing over buntings, a scrapbook bunting would be adorable! thanks for your post xx

  2. I love this post! I stockpile my scrap paper too–just last night I was thinking it’s time to do something with them. Thanks for the inspiration & congrats on FP!!!

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