Teacup bookmark

So, my run with Freshly Pressed is finally over now….what a trip!! I’m so excited about all my new followers (hi!!!! :)) and so happy about all the nice comments I’ve gotten! It means more than you can imagine, considering all the time and energy (but really mostly time!!) I spend making the projects, taking the pictures, editing the pictures, and finally writing up my posts! So thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all the generous comments and love I’ve gotten!! 🙂     **And apparently I’m still on there! You just have click the “earlier” button!** 🙂



Now, onto my post! Today, my friend Tracy came over for our weekly craft day, and we decided to work on some Christmas presents. I found these teacup bookmarks on pinterest a while back, and pinned them thinking of my husband’s Oma, because I’m making her Christmas present tea themed, and knew this had to be a part of it!  Remember my teacup candle post? Yeah, I think she’s going to love her present! I mean, how stinkin’ cute is this!?


I used the teacup template on Genuine Mudpie‘s post that resembled the teacup candle I’m giving her. I traced it straight from the computer (don’t try doing it on your iPad, or else the screen will move around, and you’ll be screaming “holy shittake mushrooms this is annoying!!”. Once I traced it, I cut it to use as my stencil for the paper I’d be using.


Because I was using thin scrapbooking paper, I cut out a cardstock teacup to put in between to give it some strength.


Then, I cut out my two teacups with the paper I was using (I know it doesn’t totally match the teacup candle, but it’s still with the theme; flowers). *Remember to do one with the handle to the left, and one to the right so the pretty print will show on both sides! Once I cut all my teacups out, I glued one (with the print) to the cardstock and left the other one for after I did my string and tag.


This is what I saw as I looked over to my right….A CRAZY PUP!!!


I just happened to have a teabag that I didn’t like, so I actually took the string and used the tag as a guide (which I’ll keep for future projects like this), but you could use white twine.


I glued the string in the fold of the paper, and then glued the tag together. Finally, I glued the string onto the cardstock and put the other printed paper over it. I found, even with the template, that I had to trim a little excess paper around the edges, so I just used an X-acto knife for that, and it’s all done!

Again, how cute is this?!? Even the hubs thought so! 🙂 Thanks Genuine Mudpie for this adorable idea!!

Until tomorrow!!


14 responses to “Teacup bookmark

  1. Loving this – very creative – thanks for sharing! I cannot tell if the dog is crazy for crafts or has had enough crafting and wants to go outside to play – ha! Have a Great Day!

  2. How cute is this!?! We have a family tradition where all the women in our family get together once a year for a big tea party. I know what I will be making to give to everyone. Thank you for the inspiration.

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