I want to ride my bicycle!

So, first off, I have to say how freakin!!! excited I am, that I was featured on Freshly Pressed. Have to admit, I had NO clue why I had so many views/likes/comments on my posts, and then I got a comment saying congrats on being Freshly Pressed, so I looked it up and there I was!! I couldn’t be more honored! And hello to all my new followers! šŸ™‚

Now, onto my post…This isn’t a craft post, or a food post, it’s more of a photography post. I haven’t had a post like this yet, so hope all you new followers enjoy!

I rode my bike yesterday for the first time in over 2 years! Okay, I might have gone once within those 2 years, but STILL!! I used to ride everyyyday. And then I got a job….and then I got engaged….and then we moved….and there was simply no time šŸ˜¦Ā  Luckily, the trail I used to live by goes all the way up to where I live now, so I was able to use it still with out driving far. This trail is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I went with my friend Nicole, and hopefully she’ll still want to go with me after having her stop every 5 minutes for a pic! =P But well worth the stops! I think I got a pretty good collection of pictures for you to get an idea of just how breath taking this trail is. šŸ™‚

Until tomorrow!!


12 responses to “I want to ride my bicycle!

  1. Wow! That trail looks absolutely gorgeous. I moved at the beginning of the year, and unfortunately we couldn’t bring our bikes, and then my mom got laid off, and bills come first, y’know. Anyway, I miss my bike as well – glad you got back on it again!

  2. Congratulations! I appreciate your talent…and I have nominated you for the “Beautiful Blogger Award”. Keep up the great work and sharing! For more information about the award…visit my post about the award on my blog.

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