Challenge #5 Crochet doily belt

I’m so glad I’ve given myself this challenge, because I LOVE this belt!! And what’s great about it, is that it couldn’t be easier!






Here’s the original belt that inspired me to make mine…


Love the style, not such a huge fan of pink though. So I had a doily laying around from the dollar store (yes, this project was easy AND cheap!), that I got in an ivory color. And I had a jersey knit type of fabric that I thought would be perfect, giving it is stretchy, and who would want something tight up around there ribs?


So I started off by measuring the area it would be around, and cutting two long rectangles.


I marked the center of one, with some chalk…


So that I knew where to lay my doily down.


I then, placed the other rectangle on top and pinned them down together. I also cut the ends to taper out.


I sewed the top and bottom, leaving the sides open to pull it inside out. Look at it coming together 🙂


I sewed the ends of the doily down where they were unsecured. You could most definitely do this by hand, but I did it with my sewing machine.


Once that was done, I cut out two little strips, sewed them together, leaving the ends open to turn inside out, and a small amount of elastic. The fabric tube was at least twice as long as the elastic, so that it will scrunch, and stretch when I put it over my head. You can very well just make it long enough to tie in the back, I just liked it this way. I have a tiny little chest, so there wasn’t much to go over to get to my ribs =P


After I put my elastic through the tube, pinned it down, and sewed it.


Then, I took my belt and folded in the ends, stuck my elastic in, and pinned it down.


I sewed both sides in, and that’s it, all done!


Look how cute it came out! I love it, and I can’t wait to wear it over a dress, when it FINALLY get’s nice out!

Keep in mind, scale it down, and you can make a headband! I’ve made a bunch of headbands this way!

Until tomorrow!!

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