Challenge #4 Like a Rolling Stone tee

I loOove Bob Dylan, so obviously I love the song Like a Rolling Stone. I came across this shirt a while back and I loved the simplicity of it. I’m not a big fan of too much going on on a shirt. I rarely even wear stripes. So I definitely wanted to make this shirt.

Here’s the original…

I couldn’t find the same font, so I found one similar enough. I got it to the size I wanted on the computer and then actually just traced it onto some freezer paper straight from the computer. I do this a lot, because the light from the computer makes the paper see-through, it works AWESOME.

Once I finished tracing it all, I cut it out with an Xacto knife.

Then, I ironed it onto a grey shirt I had bought a while ago, from H&M.

Once that was done, all I had to do was paint it (I used my Martha Stewart black paint), and let it dry, go back over it with the iron to set the paint, and it was all done! I LOVE IT!!!! I wore it with a lace undershirt because I HATE short shirts, so it gave it the look of being long. I didn’t bother writing -Bob Dylan, because if you don’t know Bob Dylan sang it, then you wouldn’t appreciate it anyway!

So, question….anyone else have a weirdo dog that sticks his entire foot in his mouth? LOL 🙂

Until tomorrow!!


33 responses to “Challenge #4 Like a Rolling Stone tee

  1. That came out sooooooooooo goooood, Nik. I love this idea and I will be using it for a few projects I have in mind. I had been looking for stencils but wanted a certain font. Now I can have any font I want. (wow that rhymes. lol) Thaaaanks for posting.

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  3. Oh my goodness. I love you so much for doing this shirt. I just love Bob Dylan 🙂 AND THIS SHIRT IS JUST AWESOME. AHHH. I can’t wait to do this 😀

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  6. So, you say you use freezer paper and then iron it onto the shirt….does Freezer paper actually stick? One of my friends posted a link on pinterest of one of your projects and I think I have just killed like 2 hours at work looking through your projects!

    • Haha awesome, love to hear that! 🙂 freezer paper stick because the shiny side is actually wax, So when you iron over it, it melts, but it’s not enough to get all over the shirt, just to stick the paper on enough so it doesn’t lift up. Try it out! Just rip a little piece off and iron it onto some fabric, and it will peel right off. it’s really cool! And the best part about it, is you can reuse them! Trust me, once you sit there and cut out all the letters or shapes, you’ll appreciate that a lot more lol.

      • Well I just found an awesome shirt at Kohl’s yesterday that was on clearance as well and I may have to take advantage of that and try it out this weekend. I am wanting to make one that says Operation Wedding Dress to work out in….course I can only wear it for the next thirty days. Maybe I’ll cross out wedding dress and put something else once I get married. I love your blog though!

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  8. Have never tried freezer paper stenciling. Looks fun! Thanks for sharing! My dog sticks her entire foot in her mouth too. It’s quite funny… her coat’s black and brown and her thighs are brown so it looks a wee bit like a chicken wing in terms of shape and color (think fried chicken wings).

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    • You can iron directly over but make sure it’s been dry for hoursssss…if you’re impatient (like me!) you can put a piece of scrap fabric or bandana over it and iron.

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