Challenge #2 Bird mug

I’ve had this picture saved since I first made my “things to make” folder. Now, I definitely don’t need any more mugs, so I don’t know who this is going to, but it’s so cute I had to make it!





So here’s the picture that I based my mug on…


I began by drawing my birds on some contact paper. As you can see, my birds are a lot different than the original ones. I actually based them off of birds I have hanging on my kitchen wall.


Then, I cut them out with my Xacto knife.


I stuck my birdies onto my mug, which I got from the dollar store (best place for things like this!).


Using my Martha Stewart paint, because it goes on anything, I dabbed it over the bird cutouts with a foam paint brush.


When I peeled the contact paper off, there was some bleeding, but it wasn’t terrible.


Using my Xacto knife, I scraped the excess paint off and it worked like a charm! You just have to do it before it dries completely.


I have this really thin paint brush that I actually cut to make even thinner for projects like this.


After painting my birds on the other side of the mug, I finished it up by painting the wire they’ll be sitting on. I love the way it came out! The paint has to cure for 24 days before you can wash it.


Speaking of birds, this little guy came for a visit! Roscoe of course had to go and scare it away, but this is actually the second time it’s stopped by 🙂

Until tomorrow!!


14 responses to “Challenge #2 Bird mug

  1. I love your blog! Wish I had time to do all these things. You’ve come a long way from our safety ball! 🙂

    • Hahaha! Thanks!! I should make a safety ball and post it on here! lol I feel like I came across the zebra fabric we used actually a few months ago, I forgot to tell you! I laughed so hard =P

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    • Depending on your paint….mine was 24 days! There are some that you bake though and after it bakes, it’s cured.

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