Challenge #1 Lilac necklace

So, I have a folder on my computer called “Things to Make”. I started it years ago, and have been adding to it ever since. Whenever I go into a store, go to a website, see something on TV, or see something on someone, I take a picture of it, and add it to my folder. I have made things from it, but because I was in such a rut the past 4 years, I haven’t made too much. Well this week, I’m presenting myself with a challenge to make one thing a day from this folder. Today I will make this lilac necklace that I’ve been in love with ever since I saw it on Etsy. I don’t remember where I got it from, as I never wrote it down because it was just for myself, and I apologize if anyone gets offended (if you DO know where it’s from, please let me know, so I can give credit where credit is due)! I just feel as a, well, mad crafter, I don’t want to spend money on something that I can make easily, myself. Not to mention I like to add my own personal touches and to be able to say “I made this”. I definitely appreciate my fellow crafters, and as a former etsy shop owner myself (I’ll get it back up again soon, just have to straighten stuff out with paypal!), I wouldn’t particularly like people seeing the things I make and make it themselves, but I’d definitely understand!! And for the record, I would never make something that someone else created and try to sell it, it’s always just for myself!


So here’s the necklace…

Beautiful right?!

Remember my Leftover Peppermint Patties post where I posted the pictures of the lilacs in my neighborhood? Well, after I took those, I knew exactly what I had to do with them! So I went to Target and printed out the tiniest picture I could (2, in case I messed up, which I did lol). I can’t remember the size, but I went into the “make collages” section. I got the charm from Hobby Lobby (I cheat on Michaels sometimes, shhh). I wish they came with a guide that you can trace to cut out, because it’s the biggest pain in the butt to get the perfect fit.

I took a receipt I had lying around, because it’s really thin and easy to crease, and put it in the heart, pushing with my fingernails into the edges of the charm.


Once the shape was easy to make out, I cut it, and then made sure it fit nicely in the charm. It didn’t of course, so I had to cut little, tiny, slivers off the edges until in fit nice and snug.


Then once I had my guide, I put it up to my picture, and traced it with a pencil, and cut it out. Of course, once again, I had to trim it down a bit, but it was much easier this time around.


Once it was cut, I ran an adhesive tape over the back so it couldn’t fall out of the charm.


Then, I placed the picture in, making sure to squeeze out any air bubbles with my fingertips, and flattening it out as much as possible.


I’ve always used Easy Cast resin for projects like this, but I discovered yesterday while cleaning, that one of the bottles had leaked, so I had to throw it out :(. Mod podge has come out with a new product (at least I think it’s new) called Dimensional Magic, that looks similar to resin but seemed really easy, so I decided to try that out. I got it from Michaels for $5.99 and used a 40% coupon, so it was really cheap!


It came out pretty murky, but began to dry within a few hours.


And then, almost cleared up by 3 hours. I actually liked the way it looked at this stage, but it says it will dry to be completely clear.


This is it all done! It probably took a total of 5 hours to dry clear. It was still tacky, but I think you usually have to wait 24 hours for things like this. I did notice that it sunk as it dried, so I added another layer, as I like when it’s level or just a bit higher then the rim of the charm. But all in all, this stuff’s pretty cool, and you don’t have to worry about mixing anything. There was also no bubbles, which I always go in the resin. *UPDATE* I had to add two extra layers because it sunk in the middle, and I could have even added another. Then, after a few days, it actually dried cloudy, and it wasn’t completely dry I stuck my fingernail tip and it made a mark 😦 Sooo, not loving this stuff!



On an unrelated note, I feel like I haven’t posed a Roscoe picture in a while…here he is last night, too tired to hold his head up…lol

Until tomorrow!!


3 responses to “Challenge #1 Lilac necklace

    • I know! I liked it better when it was cloudy than clear lol. And, oddly it turned cloudy again after going clear for some reason. So I was actually happy about that, but at the same time, not great if I’m making something else that needs to be clear, which reminds me I wanted to update that post!

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