Teacup candles!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a candle addict. When Bath and Body Works has their 2 for $20 sale, I usually go with a $10 off $30 coupon and get three. I’ve been trying to wait until my candles are actually burned out, but it’s so damn hard!!! I LOVE them!!! So today, I was organizing all of my crafts and trying to condense it all in one area, and I came across ALL my candles that I had saved with the wax at the bottom, and decided that I’d melt some of them down into a tea cup that I had. Like I’ve said before, I’ve decided this year that I will be making all my Christmas presents, so I’m starting now that way I have time to, and I’ll be able to use coupons, and best of all, I won’t HAVE to go into the stores during the crazy shopping months. Doesn’t mean I won’t, but I don’t HAVE to lol. So I wrote my Christmas list up and for my husbands grandmother, I decided I’d do everything tea themed, as she loves tea. So I went over to the Salvation Army, and picked up a cute tea cup and saucer (for practically nothing). I think she’s going to love it!


I started off with the two scents I have here, but ended up needing some more, so I used a rose scented candle that I had gotten as a gift (not such a fan of rose, but I thought it was appropriate as the other two scents were flower scented).


Using a box cutter (but you can use anything sharp you have), I cut the wax into little pieces, making sure to cut around the metal wick holders.


I put my wax into a dry, empty can that I had saved for this purpose.


I then, simmered some water in a small pot over the stove, and placed my can in, laying a butter knife on top to hold it down. Just make sure you hold the knife, as my water started to boil (which you don’t want!) causing the can to start moving upward and knocking over the knife scaring the crap outta me!! I just lowered the heat and held the can down. You can also swirl your can around to help melt it faster. The wax melted really, really fast though.


While your wax is melting, cut down your wick and glue it down. I used a little bit of Elmer’s Tac N’ Stick.


Once my wax completely melted, I poured it into my teacup. I noticed that the wick was starting to tilt over, which you don’t want to happen, because once the wax cools, you can’t move it and it will be off centered. So I put a little piece of tape on top with a hole in the center to stick my wick through. Worked great!


Once it started to harden, I took the tape off.


I let the layer harden enough to pour the second layer on, and the same for the third layer. It didn’t take very long at all! And look how cute it came out!


I think she’s going to love it! And what’s great about doing it in a teacup, is once the waxed is all burned out, you can actually use the cup! Two presents in one! 🙂

Hope you try this out! It’s a lot of fun, and really inexpensive!

Until tomorrow!!


8 responses to “Teacup candles!

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  4. Lovely! I bought a box of tea cups at a flea market, made these candles. Bought little wooden boxes at $ store, mod pod them in fabric, filled with tea bags and gave cup candle and box of tea. 4 gifts!

    • How cute!! That’s a great idea for the tea bags. I’m making my grandma a tea themed gifts this year for Xmas and I’m definitely packaging the tea bags like that–adorable! Thank you!

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