Tuscan Bean Soup

The other night for dinner, I made this delicious soup that I had found on Pinterest. It’s called Tuscan Bean Soup, and it was a great base recipe! I took out the ham, being a vegetarian and all, and added in some chickpeas and pasta. I only had penne so I made that, and then cut it up a bit smaller. Next time I’ll buy small pasta such as ditalini. I’ll also add butter beans, because they’re so yummy! I’ve, for some reason, only heard of using pureed beans as a thickener in soup very recently, and I’m so excited about it!! This soup was so good, and I can’t wait to make it again, I think it would freeze really well too.

So I’m not going to post a tutorial or anything, since the directions were pretty easy (but really because I forgot to take pictures of the process like I usually do, whoops!), but I did snap a photo of the pup eating his ABSOLUTE favorite thing; carrots! He prefers them frozen (we were told to do that when he was teething, and now he just loves them!)


Here it is….looks good huh?!?


Not to mention, I made some whole wheat Italian bread to go with it! I got the recipe from Food.com. It was SO easy! I basically started it off the way I start my bagels off and then after the first rise, I formed it into the two loafs and let it rise a second time before I baked them.


Mmm mmm mmmmmm…

You gotta try this recipe! Make it your own!!

Until tomorrow!!


6 responses to “Tuscan Bean Soup

  1. You are such a kitchen goddess! This looks amazing! AND your own bread?!?! Thoroughly impressed. Will def try it!

    • Hahah thanks! Yeah, didn’t get to have it yesterday like I wanted, because the sister didn’t think it was “dinner worthy” pffff…..I’m definitely making it this week though!

      • I make a veg soup every week- potato, broccoli, onions, carrots, vinegar and seasonings and a bay leaf. I boil it all and put it in the blender for a creamy soup. top it with sour cream and toast. Totally FILLS me up! I HEART soup.

      • Oiiiii that sounds deliciousssss I want some right now, thought it’s so hot out lol

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