Make your own notepads/books easily!!

If you’ve read my other posts, or know me personally, you know that I got married-wow, exactly 8 months ago today! My goodness, that went by fast! Anywayyy, a lottt of my wedding was DIY, because obviously, I just love that kind of stuff, but also to save money. So, I found these awesome save the dates on Etsy way before we even got engaged and as soon as I saw them, I knew I was going to make them for our wedding. And I am so glad that I did, because even though they wasted sooo much ink while practicing (over and over and OVER again) and were one of the biggest pains in my butt from the wedding, EVERYONE loved them….and because I stuck magnetic strips on the back, people STILL have them on their refrigerators!

Here’s a pic, not that it has much to do with my post, but I can’t not put it up after I was talking about how awesome they are!

So, now that you see the size and shape of them, you’ll get why to hand make all the envelopes…YES, I had to mark, cut, fold, and glue alllll the envelopes. Luckily, I had some awesome people in my wedding who were able to help ;). So I bought the paper to make the envelopes, and even after making 180…..the amount of people that were on my wedding list (I realized of course AFTER making them all that not EVERY person on the list would be getting a save the date, as a lot of them were couples, lovely waste of time and paper) and using it for scrap paper or stencils, or whatever, I still had SOOOO much left over, so I thought to myself what could I do with it all? Make some notebooks and notepads!! I’ve made about 20 books, and I STILL have so much left over, it’s like the never ending paper supply!


So first off, my friend has a paper cutter that also folds and perforates paper (really comes in handy!) so I perforated my paper first. I’d say about 15 sheets or so. If you don’t have a perforater, you don’t need to do this part. I just like the option of being able to pull the sheets out if need be.


Now that your paper is perforated, you can cut it down to the size book/pad you want. I cut this one so I could get three even pieces from one sheet of paper, and nothing went to waste.


For whatever reason, I can never get all the paper to match, no matter if I mark them all and cut them perfectly, they’re always different sizes.


So, what I do when this happens, is alternate between the small and large pieces so it makes it look a bit more even over all.


Next, I use my handy staple gun (I loveee this thing!) to staple the top middle part of the pad. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR PAPER IS EVEN, or else you’ll have to re-staple it! It’s annoying to do it the first time, let alone taking the staple out and then stapling again. Occasionally, your staple gets weird, like this…


But as long as your paper is even, you can fix it with a good pair of pliers or a wrench, which you’ll need to use to fasten it anyway, as a staple gun doesn’t close the staple itself.


You want to squeeze it with the wrench as hard as you can so it’s flat on both sides.


Once you’ve stapled, you want to measure your paper that you’ll use to cover the top. I like to make it a little bit wider than the paper so that you can go in and trim it down after you’ve glued it, and it should just cover the perforated edge so that’s not shown, but it will be easy to rip out. If you’re not perforating the paper, then just cover it enough so the staple doesn’t show.


Mark the center of the paper and fold along both sides of it. The amount of space you leave in between the folds will depend on the thickness of the pad, so measure it. This is so it can go over and cover the top of the pad. You don’t need a special tool to fold the paper, I actually just stick it in my paper cutter and use the tip of a butter knife or a dull wooden stick to go down where you would normally pull the blade down. Works like a charm 😉


Here’s the tricky part….you want to put a small line of hot glue in between the two folded lines, and working really fast, just slide your notepad in, making sure that it’s centered and even, and push down to make sure the glue is adhering thoroughly.


The only part that’s different about making the notepads and the notebooks, are that with the notepads, you can just use an adhesive roll to glue the paper over the staple down, where as with a notebook, I glue it down with the hot glue gun since you’ll be opening and closing it you want it to be more sturdy.


Now’s the fun part, embellish it!


I put a magnetic strip (also left over from my save the dates) on the back of the pad so it could be stuck to the fridge 🙂


Here are some of the other pads and books I’ve made! They’re so much fun (and addicting)!

Another cute idea, would be to make a picture book, which I may do that next time. It would be a really cute present!

Have fun making some cute notebooks and pads 🙂


Until tomorrow!!!


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