Leftover peppermint patties!!

Remember that (very long) post I did last Tuesday when I made the icebox cake? Well, I know that day I made my own wafer cookies, but the time before that, I made one with creme filled wafers (because it’s easy when you don’t have the time to make the cookies from scratch) and like I said, I usually save the creme to make peppermint patties! I don’t like for anything to go to waste, like when I use the creme from the canned coconut milk, I always save the liquids for smoothies or other treats. So, as promised, here’s my (very easy) recipe for leftover peppermint patties!



Leftover peppermint patties:

Creme scooped from creme filled wafer cookies

Peppermint extract

Chocolate to dip

Now, because this all depends on how much creme you have, I can’t say how many patties it will make or how much peppermint extract you’d need. I can’t even remember how many cookies I had used for the cake, but it’s all to taste. Peppermint extract is VERY strong, so I suggest putting a little amount in to start and add to taste.

So, mix your peppermint extract into your creme, until it’s all incorporated and tastes to your liking. Then, scoop out your creme mixture. I used a 1/2 tablespoon to measure, and I wouldn’t suggest going much bigger because it would be harder to dip them into the chocolate.


Place the scoops onto a lined pan.


Flatten them out. I tried doing it with the bottom of a cup lined with aluminum foil, but it got stuck, so even though it’s messy, I ended up using my fingers and they worked perfectly. If you have a sticking problem, you could always keep a small bowl filled with water nearby to wet your fingertips.


When you’re all done, stick them in the fridge, or even freezer, to harden them before you dip. They need to be really cold, otherwise they will melt and start to wilt when the warm chocolate coats it.


Once they’re chilled, dip them! I have a picture of how I dip sweets in chocolate on my peanut butter balls post. Once they’re all dipped, place them in the fridge to set, and you’re all done! 🙂 Check out my cuties!!


Can you say….yummm? I can’t, because my mouth is stuffed with peppermint patties. 😉

Now, onto an unrelated subject, I took some beautiful pictures of the lilac bush across from my apartment complex that I wanna share with you! Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. Sunflowers are my favorite flower for looks, but lilacs smell soooo good, and they’re just so darn cute! It breaks my heart that they have SUCH a short life span each year 😦

How cute are they?! I wish they were scratch and sniff! 🙂


Until tomorrow!!


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