Make a cute apron!

The beginning of the month was my friends birthday and she loves cooking and baking as much as I do, so I decided to make her an apron! At first I was going to buy one, I don’t even know why, because I make AWESOME aprons…but I looked around online anyway, and came across this one on I loved the colors and the style, so I decided to base what I made off it. It’s pretty easy, if you have some knowledge of sewing, so you should definitely give it a try! 🙂




I cut two equal square pieces for the top. You want one side to be just about a half inch longer, because you’ll be slipping that side into the waist band. Normally, you’d measure the chest of the person, but since she wasn’t here (she’s so far, far away :(), I guestimated. I then pinned the two pieces together (right sides always together!).


Then, I cut 4 strips of fabric for the ties on top. I didn’t measure, but I’d say they’re about  24in x 2in. I matched each of them up to make two strips, then pinned.


I’d forgotten that I’d found an awesome way of turning  strips like this inside out, so I had to re-pin it, but it was totally worth it! Because anyone who has had to turn strips inside out, knows how ANNOYING it is! You want to start by pinning a ribbon in between the two pieces of fabric that will be your straps.


Sew around all three sides, leaving the side the ribbon comes out of alone.

And pull the fabric over the ribbon!!! That’s it! cut your ribbon close to the seam, and you’re all set. I will never complain about pulling straps inside out anymore thanks to pinterest! 🙂


So once that’s done, put your straps in between the two pieces of fabric for your top, and pin them down where you want them positioned. I put them at the very edges. Then, sew all three sides of the top. I like to go over where the straps are more than once, so they’re nice and secured.


Turn inside out, and you’re top is all done!


I then, TRIED, to cut the fabric for my waist band, but SOMEONE was in the way…lol


What I did, because my fabric wasn’t long enough, was cut six equal strips of fabric. Then, I sewed them together to make one long strip that will be the ties for around the waist, and the top and bottom of the apron will be sewed into. I matched them up to make three strips, and then pinned ONE side down. I’d say they’re about 3in x 20in. But this is another part that you’d want to measure the person for.


I then, sewed one side on all three strips.


And sewed all of them together to make one long band.


Then, I cut two equal large squares for the bottom skirt part. Approx. 2ft x 2ft. I did the same as the top, putting the two squares together, sewing three sides, and then gathered the unfinished side (the side you’ll be putting inside the waist band) I know in this picture the side is finished, but that’s because I forgot to take the picture before I put it into the waist band! So I just gathered the bottom for a picture to show how I did it. I gathered about every inch, and then sewed it. You can just baste it, as you won’t see the stitching, it’s just to keep the gathering while you sew it into the waistband.


Now, for the annoying part, put your sewed and gathered side into the open side of your waistband. You want it to be perfectly in the middle, so measure it. Turn in about  1/4in so that it looks neat. You can do this before, and iron it so it doesn’t move, but I just pin as I go. That’s how I dooo. So, pin it down, making sure that it’s even on both sides, so when you sew it, it goes through both sides of the waistband.


Continue to the ends of the band.


This is my oops moment. What I SHOULD have done, was sewn the top into the waist band when I sewed the one side together, but I didn’t think ahead!! So what I did was, using a seam opener, ripped an opening in the other side of the band so I could slip the top in and sew it down. The pins are what I used to measure where to start and stop ripping.


Here it is after I ripped the seam and put the top in. I then, just sewed it up, like I did the skirt.


Now, onto the last part! The cute little bow. 🙂 I cut two long strips of fabric, pinned them together, and sewed them (using the ribbon pull through method). I turned the unsewn end inward and sewed it closed, and pinned it down where I wanted it. I sewed a line down the center, going back and forth a few times to make it secure.


Tie your bow, and you’re all set!! Look how cute it is! Thank you to my dear sister for posing in it for me! 🙂

I know I said I loved the colors of the other apron, but when I saw these fabrics, I changed my mind! And my friend’s got this beautiful red hair, and looks so cute in these colors! Maybe one day I’ll get a pic of her wearing it 😉


Until tomorrow!


5 responses to “Make a cute apron!

  1. Omg! How cute!!! I think I might need one, maybe that will help me be better cook if I look cute doing it!

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