Cushions for my kitchen stools

So we’ve have these stools in our kitchen since we moved in (over a year ago). They were too tall for the table, and when you sat on them, they hurt your butt reeeal bad. So finally, about two weeks ago, my father in law cut them down for me, and yesterday, I finalllly made cushions for them! I had the fabric forever, literally years and years, and I was saving it for the perfect project, and it finally came!




I started off by marking, and cutting my foam. The foam I got was 2 inches thick…like I said, the stools hurt your butt reaaal bad.

I had just enough foam, so I laid the stools up on them.


Marked them.


Cut them. I was able to just do it with plain scissors, but as you can see, it’s pretty jagged.


So I went over it again with the scissors to make it more even.


I took a ribbon and marked how thick the foam was and then cut the ribbon about a half inch more to use that as my guide to cut the strip of fabric that will go around the foam.


What is it with animals and having to be right on top of what you’re doing? lol


Here’s my fabric marked with chalk.


Then I used the foam to mark 4 circles. I cut about 1/2 in around the marked line for sewing room.


I then, sewed the one round piece to the strip of fabric.


I always leave sewing closed the strip of fabric for last when sewing round cushions, that way if you need to adjust anything, you can, without worrying about running out of fabric.


On the other circle, I pinned my ribbons to down. I laid the fabric down on the stool so I could know where the ribbons should be placed.


Sewed the two circles together, leaving enough room to slip the foam into.


I pinned the opening closed, sewed it up, and then applied no fray glue to the ends of my ribbons to finish them off.


And here they are, all done!! 🙂 I love them! And I can actually sit on them now!


They’re a bit wrinkled right now, but I think once we sit on them, they’ll fill out.


Until tomorrow!


5 responses to “Cushions for my kitchen stools

  1. nicole, you are so awesome. i genuinely love reading your blog and that’s not something i ever say, hahah. i was telling everyone about your vanilla extract today and how cool i thought it was. really inspirational. love you/ miss you girllll ❤

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