Apple nachos!

Last night, I had my friends over for a girls night in, and we talked about boys, painted each others finger nails, and had pillow fights……no, we didn’t. Gross, what do you think we are, girlie girls???? What we really did, was eat some pizza, (maybe one of us got puked on by a baby) and then…made apple nachos!!! I know, that sounds gross, you’re like “whaaat?” But it’s not what it sounds like! It’s called apple nachos because the apples are sliced up like chips, and then all kinds of delicious stuff is oozed all over it. I got the idea from pinterest, but we added some caramel, and came up with ideas for next time. Because there WILL be a next time….they were so good!

Start by slicing your apples….you don’t want them too thick, but also, not too thin, where they’re too flimsy to hold the other ingredients.


I used gala apples, but we came to the conclusion to use granny smiths next time.


We used pecans, but you could use any kind of nut you like.


I used my white chocolate peanut butter by Peanut butter & co. I just microwaved it for a little while until it melted enough to drizzle.


I also added a caramel that I had made a awhile back. I just threw it all together and, using two forks, tossed until everything was incorporated. Next time, we decided that we’d bake the mixture, minus the chocolate chips, for a little while, to get warm, and then add them.




Ok…one of us DID get puked on by a baby…lol!


Oh yeaaaah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!


Dig in! Ain’t it prettyyyy?


Until tomorrow!!


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