For my Beeks! :)

So, about three weeks after my wedding, I was in my bff/prettymuchsister/bridesmaid Rebecca’s wedding. Our dresses were GORGEOUSSSS (thankgod!) And she kept saying, “I know it’s a cliche, but you could actually shorten them and wear them again!” And that’s just what I did! I’m going to a friend’s wedding tomorrow, and thought to myself, “crap I need to get a dress!” and then I realized, nope, I don’t! So I grabbed the garment bag that my husbands suit was in, and sure enough, 7 months later, there was my dress, rolled up at the bottom. I shook it out, and squeeeezed my way back into it…..apparently I had gained some weight since the weddings! =P



Luckily I rolled, and not folded it, so it wasn’t TOO bad. But the kind of fabric it is, is prone to wrinkles, so nothing I can do about that!

Here it is before I cut it all up (let me just tell you…made me throw up a little bit cutting through that dress! lol)


Here it is after I cut it (obviously) and if you notice, it kind of dips down on the sides. When I first put it on, I was like crap, I have to cut more, but then my sister and I agreed it made it look pretty cute. So I left it.


Look at all of them pins!! It took forever!


Of course, I didn’t have the matching thread that I thought I had, so I had to use a cheap thread that didn’t match! (should have listened to myself today when I said “let me buy one now, just in case I can’t find mine at home.”) grrr…. up close it looks terrible, but I’m going to go back after the wedding and use the CORRECT thread so it looks better.


Can’t tell the stitching looks terrible from far away at least! 🙂 And I loveee my new(ish) dress!! 🙂



On a side note, here’s me and my sister’s cat Mika….He used to live with us when we lived together, but I was so badly allergic I had to take medicine everyday ( which I HATE doing) so when I moved in with my husband, she took our baby 😦 and I missss himmmm!! Look how cute he issss!


Until tomorrow!!


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