Just some pics from our trip to the park…

Today, I was out all day with my sister and our friend Tracy. We went to NJ where Tracy got a new tattoo, and another one finished up. We then, went shopping at one of my fav-or-ite stores….TRADER JOES!!  And even better, Tracy had never been, so I was really excited to show her! But needless to say, there was just no time for crafts or cooking today. I started making something tonight, and hopefully, if it comes out good, I’ll be posting it tomorrow :). But I just can’t get myself to not post anything, so I’ll post some pics from yesterday, where me, my sister and our friend Nicole went on a little picnic with the pup!


Baby turtle in the pond!! The only guy who didn’t hop in the water when I got anywhere near it. There were lots and lots of turtles 🙂


Roscoe panting his little heart out…it was really hot!! But he loved it 🙂


Playing around with my camera…but how cool is this picture?! (and no, that’s not my underwear I was wearing shorts under that dress!)


HOW?! Does that tongue fit in that mouth?!?! lol


Until tomorrow!!


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