Doughnuts for breakfast?! Yes.

So, today I woke up and I thought of this recipe that I made a few months ago. BANANA BREAKFAST DOUGHNUTS! They. are. so. good. I didn’t even frost them, and they were so good. I think I’m going to frost one or two and have them for dessert tonight. 🙂 Here’s the recipe (the only thing I did different was adding a 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract.) Here are my little pretties!



The recipe actually makes 12 doughnuts. I used four tablespoons for the first batch and they came out pretty big, so I did 3 tablespoons for the next batch and they came out perfect.


As I was going through my fridge for the ingredients for the doughnuts, I came across a bad of frozen strawberries that I stuck in there to defrost for…..something?? I don’t remember, but I knew they were going to go bad soon, so I made some strawberry lemonade concentrate from 2 little hooligans (love her blog!). This recipe is PERFECT. I didn’t change a thing about it. Strawberry lemonade is the epitome of summer to me. I haven’t had a chance to freeze it, because it gets used within a week, it’s that good. I mean, look how good it looks!!

Look at this beautiful color!!


MMMM…I slurped that down in a minute.


I can’t wait to try it in my Slushie Magic cup!! I just got one the other day….it is so cool! I used it with some teechino (Ever hear of it? It’s really good! I drink it instead of coffee. I try not to have so much caffeine, but I want to have a hot drink in the mornings, and this does the trick!)

This is what you get a few minutes of shaking the cup. I mean, there wasn’t too much slush by the time you take the “ice cubes” out, but still, pretty cool!


So after eatin’ some doughnuts, and drinkin’ some strawberry lemonade, I made some felt flowers. I didn’t make a tutorial, because there’s a brazillion of them out there, like this one, that I used. I will tell you, that I didn’t use fabric glue, I used hot glue…because cutting out all the petals are annoying enough, waiting for all that glue to try would be enough to make me never make these. The hot glue gun dries fast, and holds great. I’d suggest, if you’re not crazy impatient like me, to cut all the flowers one day and then glue them another time and then assemble the flower later. Because it IS very time consuming.

Love these little cuties!


I glued a clip on this guy, that way you could put it on a headband, purse, gift box, clothing… need I go on? I believe the possibilities are just about endless. 🙂


Then I made this big guy….so many petals to cut….so many petals to glue….but very cute!


So, anyways, I’m about to pass out…and tomorrow I’ll be making something DEE-licious for breakfast, so stay tuned!!!!

Until tomorrow!!


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