Lazy days…

Today, I’m just too tired to to anything for some reason. I had work, but I was tired before hand too. Maybe because I didn’t take my vitamins until late last night. But anywho, I did take some pictures that I’ll share so there’s something to look at.  I also did some crafts before work, but unfortunately, it was a gift, so I can’t post it until after I give it to her… 😉

I’ve decided that everyone is getting handmade stuff this year for Christmas (unless I really can’t think of anything and know for a fact there’s something that they want that I can’t make) so I’m starting really really early…so I’m going to take pictures of everything as I go along, and then I’ll have a big ol’ post of everything that I made after the big day. So far I’ve gotten a lot done though! And I can’t wait to be the only one who doesn’t have to go into the stores during the crazy times of the holidays because I’m all done!

Anyway, here are some pics!

GORGEOUS picture I took of the lovely tree outside my window, just as the sun was setting….I love the colors!!!

Made this camera strap cover a few weeks ago. Notice the pocket! My favorite part 🙂 I’ll get a tutorial up soon…I’ll definitely be making more.

My latest obsession…freezer paper stencils…and I’m also obsessed with sugar skulls! I’ll have a tutorial on that one soon! Because I just can’t seem to stop making them!

My niece Gianna’s shoes that she decorated…I gave my two nieces white shoes with a bunch of stuff to decorate them with. They loved that!

Close-up of the little lady’s shoes….this is the one she did, her momma did the other one. If you can’t read what she wrote (which, unless you have kids, you can’t!) she informed me it says I love my mommy…awwww 🙂

And last but not least, I shall leave you with my cutie pie Roscoe to glare at, while I cuddle up with him and watch The Client List…gotta love the cheesyness of the Lifetime Channel!!!

Until tomorrow!!


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